Your Visit To Attacked Communities 5 Months After, Is Shameful, Shows Your Desperation, Incompetence, Plateau PDP Tells Lalong

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Yakubu Busari


The Peoples Democratic Party notes with sadness the shameful display and desperation by Governor Lalong whom they said his bad and incompetent leadership will not go beyond May 29, 2019.


The information chapter of the PDP headed by John Akans in a press statement said it is; “It is most disgraceful and unfortunate that five (5) months after the gruesome massacre of hundreds of people and the destruction of their homes, as well as forceful occupation of their villages and towns under the watch of the APC government, it is only now that our dear governor would be visiting one of the many scenes of this dastardly crime.”


The PDP in its statement further said; “Of course he had to drive through deserted routes and abandoned but annexed villages because the surviving victims are largely in Internally Displaced Camps or with relations.


“It does appear he went to Gashish only to answer ‘Present’ as only unmarked and mass graves of the victims gave   him a rebuking welcome. And it is in such eerie environment that Governor Lalong would start his nauseating campaign for a return to office. Incredible Lalong!


“How could he have stood on the graves of these people and hoped that he  could still have their support? Have their killers been arrested? Or was he taking condolence mesages to the dead and deserted homes?


“But then, by his undemocratic and incompetent leadership style, Governor Lalong has simply moved from being a protector and shield of the people to becoming Mourner In-Chief of the Innocent people of Plateau.


“Lalong would not even condemn the acts of sustained and bloody terror against his people; He would not even stay at home and mourn with his people in their critical moments; He relished instead in gallivanting and playing the Executive Personal Assistant in the Presidential Villa in Abuja – and he expects anyone to take him seriously?


“Where is his sense of constitutional responsibility and commitment to Plateau which he swore to uphold in May 2015?


“Is everything simply fair to Lalong because he wants to return to Government House in 2019?


“Is he really totally devoid of any form of compassion, and thus turning a preventable tragedy into a political opportunity?


“Just what manner of leaders and party are we dealing with that are ruling Plateau now?


“In this regard, the Peoples Democratic Party envisages a Plateau where peace reigns; where there is security of life and property, and where there  is credible action on issues and not merely paying lip service to governance.”


Speaking further the PDP said; “a serious government that stands for the people would have already at this time of its tenure implemented reforms that address the security, poverty, hunger  and other challenges facing the people.


“These could have been achieved by stregthening early warning and response mechanisms at our various communities across the state and not just by visiting traumatised communities long after the damage has been done.


“But at last the people of Plateau are glad indeed with the PDP on the emergance of Distinguished Senator Dr  Jeremiah Timbut Useini as the party’s governorship candidate and Dr James Dalok as his deputy.


“This promises to usher in the much expected joyous daybreak to end the long dark night of the people’s captivity in their own home land.


“Now is the time to lift our state and its people from the quicksand of injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood and to make justice a reality for all of Plateau people.


“It will indeed be fatal for Plateau to trust this failed  and deceitful leadership of Governor Lalong again by overlooking the urgency of the moment.


Our people must be safe again; they must be happy again; they must be united again.”



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