You Support Thuggery By Politicizing Attack On Dankwambo Group Tells APC

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A group under the aegis of  Northern Youth Grand Alliance (NYGA) has blasts the All Progresisve Congress, APC and its spokesperson Lai Mohammed for accusing  Gombe State Governor, Ibrahim Dankwambo of ordering the arrest and teargas of APC’s supporters, Goje’s family members as well as the destruction of APC posters and billboards.
In statement signed by the Group’s Vice Chairman, Dahiru Hassan Kera said the desperate move by the APC to swiftly politicize the matter which was under investigation, had demonstrated their complicity in the attack and a clear subscription of thuggery by the party.
“Lai Mohammed and the APC should know that Goje breeds the political thugs group (Kalare) in Gombe and engages them to intimidate his opponents, the gesture had portrayed his political intolerance which he thinks he will play in this new era,” Kera said
According to Kera he said it sounded myopic, laughable and parochial for the APC to uphold the thuggery attack on the office of governor based on political sentiments while knowing fully “the antecedents of Goje as related to political hooliganism”.
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Kera also asked why a political party will not respect the office of a governor and allow the security agencies to do their investigation in order to fish out the perpetrators of the attack on the governor’s convoy.
“The peaceful and conducive atmosphere created by Dankwambo which we are now enjoying in Gombe should not and must not be tempered in the name of politics”, he said.

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