You Lied We Didn’t Buy Governorship Form For You, Kaduna Market Traders Tell El-Rufai

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Amidst the report some groups jointly purchased the 2019 APC governorship form for Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai,  Kaduna Market Traders Association has dissociated themselves from the report.

The Kaduna Market Traders Association, KMTA, in a statement dissociated themselves from the list of those that purchased form for the Governor.

In a statement issued by KMTA and signed by Alhaji Falalu Musa Maidoya, Alhaji Gafai Boska and Mr. Thomas Yakubu JP, the group said, “We, the Kaduna Market Traders Association wish to disclaim and denounce the purported use of our name by some faceless figures in the name of purchase of APC nomination for Governor Ahmed Nasir Elrufai,”

See Full Statement Below:

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Disclaimer On The Purchase Of N22 Million Naira Form In The Name Of Kaduna Market Traders Association For Governor Nasir El-rufai

We the Kaduna Market Traders Association wishes to disclaim and denounce the purported use of our name by some faceless figures in the name of purchase of APC nomination for Governor Ahmed Nasir Elrufai.

There was never a time the Association met to decide on whether or not to purchase a nomination form for the Governor.

We don’t know the identity of those who paraded themselves as our officials. Our investigation only revealed to us that those people are political scammers close to the Governor.

We contacted members of the other groups whose name were used and they told us that they are equally unaware of any form of contribution for the purchase of forms for the Governor.

We are not a partisan organization and never in the 48 year had history of our Association ever engaged ourselves in such an act of political fraud and deceit. Our Association comprises Non politicians and politicians from different parties.

We have no reason to purchase a form for the Governor whose tenure has never been helpful to us other than inflict hardships on our members.

All the promises made to us by the Governor in 2015 has never been fulfilled .He demolished our shops, increase our taxes, failed to give us the soft loans he promised and worst of all was that during the last conduct of our Association election, he sent APC thugs and Policemen of “Operation Yaki” to invade and scatter our election materials when it was clear that his stooge lost the election.

The Association doesn’t have N22 Million Naira to donate to the Governor. If we have such excess amount of money we could have use it to help our members recently affected by flood in Kaduna. If said he doesn’t have N20Million naira in his account, May God who is listening to him provide for him. But our name should not be used.

Not sounding immodest, we appeal to the Governor and his political friends to stop using our names in what we cannot defend before our creator in the hereafter.

We call on the EFCC to investigate this purported claim now.





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