You Have Succumbed To Blackmail, Jibrin Tells Buhari

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The Suspended House of Representatives member, Abdulmumin Jibrin has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of succumbing to blackmail.

In a series of tweets yesterday, Jibrin stated that Buhari has been held hostage.

Jibrin said, “As a President, once you succumb to blackmail by individual, group or institution, you are finished and your presidency certified lame duck!

“However high the stakes are or necessity of the usual exaggerated “political expediency” A President must refuse to be boxed or blackmail.

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“Mr President, all your life you conducted yourself in such a way and manner that immunes you from blackmail which solidified your strength.

“So why is the President appearing weak…as if he has to beg some political “OverLords” to do his work in the name of “political stability”?

“Mr President, such “political stability” and “harmony” that compels you to turn away your face where you shouldn’t is useless to our country!

“Mr President, you are playing into the hands of people who do not believe in you and your government. You will come back to these tweets in 18 months.

“A President must repel blackmail with all his arsenals or give up the presidency. You cannot be an effective president while in hostage!”

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