You Are Just A Permanent Aspirant FCT Minister Scorns Buhari

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  • Says We Are Not People Who Encourage People To Violence Because They Want To Win Election
  • Says Jonathan Is Not Afraid Of Meeting Buhari Again At The Polls

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The FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed has said that he is very sure that President Jonathan will again defeat former Military Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 General election.
Mr. Mohammed made the assertion at a press conference in Bauchi, as he portrayed Buhari as a “permanent aspirant” who has lost in the three previous elections he held, according to Bala he said President Jonathan is not afraid of meeting Buhari again at the Polls.
Speaking he said; “We are not people who encourage people to violence because they want to win elections. We are not going to join issues with anybody who is just a permanent aspirant just for running for the presidency. We have a template, we have a road map. We have a vision and we know where we want to be and certainly we are not afraid of anybody. We respect Nigerians and we respect leaders. We are not like the other parties who abuse leaders. But with all humility I assure that in 2015 we will be swearing in Dr Goodluck Jonathan as President.”
He added further that Jonathan should be given another chance in order to consolidate the gains he recorded so far, as he added that; “Mr President has come up with a transformation agenda and he is working hard to make sure that he brought major and tangible achievements to Nigeria. You have seen it in all the MDAs, even in agriculture he has done so well. In the economic we are today the biggest economy in Africa.”
“The president has done well as a tested technocrat who has risen through the rank from a teacher to a deputy governor, to a governor vice president and then a president and these positions have been tested. There is no president that has been so tested with due respect to his predecessors like him and he came with an agenda well-articulated in 2010 that this is where we want to be in four years and I am part and parcel of that agenda of where we want to be in four years and today you can see the railway going. We have 35 thousand kilometres of roads in Nigeria by the time we came only 5000 were motorable. We have been able to make 35,000 to work and we are going to make sure that the remaining 350000 given the opportunities are going to work. We work on milestones; we work on timeline and with a plan. We are not coming in with an arbitrary sense of hindsight or idealism,” he said.
The minister said he withdrew from the Bauchi State gubernatorial race in good faith, also  urged his teaming supporters in over 1000 groups that initially urged him to run not to be discouraged and accord the same support to the party and the president.

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