You Are Chairman Of Vote Lalong Again And Not Plateau APC Chair, Dalung Tells Latep

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The Minister of Youth and Sports Barrister Solomon Dalung has debunked allegations by a former APC chairman in Plateau state, Latep Dabang that he has never responded to any invitation to APC party meetings in Plateau state since he became minister.


Barrister Dalung made the statement while describing a story in one of the dailies as falsehood and deceitful.


“The statement credited to Latep is unfortunately not correct because I have attended two party functions in the state when I was invited to attend at the government house in Jos.


“It is also common knowledge that since I became minister, the party in the state has not extended any invitation to me because according to Latep and Lalong, I am not their candidate for the Ministerial slot and since I am not their nominee, they have nothing to do with me.”


Barrister Dalung recounted that during a scheduled state prayers for President Muhammadu Buhari, Latep declined participation.


“When Mr President was sick and we, Buhari’s Friends Network organized a joint Muslim and Christian prayer in Jos, Gov Lalong was informed from the State House in Abuja and he accepted but when all the friends and supporters of Mr President gathered in Jos, Latep came to the prayer ground and told the gathering that they were Atiku’s people and cannot pray for Buhari. The Governor did not show up at the payers neither did any of his EXCO members. If such a person who claims to be a Christian can hate a fellow human being to that extent and refuse to pray for him when he was sick, then what will he not do for his selfish interests?”Dalung queried.


The former gubernatorial candidate of Plateau state however queried the claim of Latep that he is the APC party chairman of the state.


“I do not recognize Latep as a party chairman because there was no Congress where he was elected. As a lawyer, the constitution of the party and the guidelines for congresses are very clear. If Lalong has bought the whole nomination forms while those who even bought forms were not allowed to participate, then how can I endorse such illegality? So, there were no congresses in Plateau state and Latep is not the Chairman of APC in Plateau state.


“Latep is a chairman of an organization called Vote Lalong Again and not APC Plateau state and should desist from claiming so”.


Following allegations of being in Daura during the ward congresses, Barrister Dalung described Latep as an endorsed liar with a seal.


“Latep is a pathological liar and even in heaven, he will still lie to God because his greed will not allow him to understand the distinction. On the day of the purported congress, I was not in Daura with the President as claimed by


Latep. I was at an international sports event, Okpekpe 10km Road Race where I participated with other government dignitaries.


“On the day of the aborted state congress in Plateau state, I was in Gazum trying to resolve an ongoing crises which led to the loss of many lives and property. I couldn’t have been like Lalong and Latep who will dance on the blood of Plateau people with a bottle of champagne because of their political ambition and selfish interests.


“The primary responsibility of every responsible government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens which Lalong’s administration has failed to do. Since my direct intervention in the crises , peace has returned to Gazum Chiefdom. Has Gov Lalong ever visited any crises affected community in Plateau state to directly engage with the people or sympathize with them? Governance is neither child’s play nor drama but a serious business which Lalong and Latep lack. And that is why Plateau state is bleeding. I challenge them to concentrate and deliver the dividends of democracy to Plateau state instead of fanning the embers of discord”.







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