You Are A Liar, Bibi Tells Governor Abubakar of Bauchi State

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Masoyi Lusa

  • Says Gov. Use N80m From Office Of The Chief Of Staff To Run The Affairs Of Government House
  • Says nothing tangible  on ground To Show For His Hundred Days In Office

Barrister-Mohammed-Abdullahi-Abubakar2-648x330The Chairman National Congress of Democrats and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain Alhaji Abubakar Dogon Yaro Bibi has scored the performance of Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Abubakar one hundred days in office as a poor beginning, saying nothing tangible to show to the electorate.

Yaro Bibi made the statement in a chat with selected newsmen at his resident in Bauchi while commenting on the Governor’s one hundred days in office.

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He alleged that the Governor is using eighty millions monthly (N80m) through the office of the chief of staff to run the affairs of the government  house which is against his campaign promises that he will be accountable of every public fund he spent.

The chairman pointed that “this Governor is the most travelled Governor; very soon we will declare him missing because of his frequent travelling”.

The chieftain also appealed to Bauchi State House of Assembly to Investigate and made it public the 4bn loan obtained by the state government and the recent State  Governor trip to the Czech Republic.

He said Bauchi people are sorry for electing Mohammed Abubakar as their Governor, describing him as a liar, “our Governor is a liar, and he made many promises without fulfilling any of them. I advise him to be a man of his own words, that when he says something, let him do it. He collected loan to pay salaries he has no paid the salaries.”

He said the Governor made a statement that civil servants hide a secret account from Governor Yuguda and that was the money he used to pay workers’ salaries “what happened with the loan he collected, he has fell to tell us how much was in the secret account and the name of bank,” Bibi said.

Meanwhile, while speaking on the phone, Alhaji Bibi said that Governor has nothing to show for his one hundred days in office, that as it is the Street lights are not working in the State Capital.

This medium gathered that the Governor has collected about N9 billion from the Federal Allocation for the Local Government Allocation since assumption of office as Bauchi Governor in which he only paid basic salaries, but aside that nobody knows what he used the remaining money to do, and even as at that he also has collected a loan without approval from House of Assembly and State Executive Council.

  1. sulaiman babayo says

    He is big liar indeed and worst governor will bauchi state ever have

  2. Musa Azare says

    ……and the most scandalous governor in Nigeria today..

  3. comrade nasir a ali says

    a very liar and the worse governor bauchi ever have, I call h asemly to impeach

  4. zakari says

    he is the worst among the worst.all what we need now is just to pray for him to change .

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