Yobe State Marginalised In Buhari’s Appointments-Jirgi

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Masoyi Lusa

yobe_mapA member of the APC Presidential Campaign team during 2015 general elections, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed Jirgi has cried out over what he called a political marginalization of of Yobe State by President Muhammad Buhari.

‎In a statement issued in Bauchi he said that Yobe is left far behind in terms of appointments by the president.

He said that Yobe State is also part of Buhari’s Political victory.


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“We are still Nigerians and Yobe is still part of Nigerian State not Chad or Niger Republics” he said.

According to him, all the current political appointments of President Muhammad Buhari, there was no appointment from Yobe state apart from the ministerial nomination of Khadija Bukar Abba which he said the state deserves more than what it got.

The media consultant who is also the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Triple Cee Media, a media consultancy firm based in Abuja recalled that Yobe people came out massively and voted for President Muhammad Buhari in the rain and under scorching sun despite the threat of Boko Haram insurgents.

He urged President Muhammad Buhari to do justice and his usual fairness to Yobe State by appointing somebody to represent the state either in a national assignment or even in his kitchen cabinet as enjoyed by states like Borno, Bauchi and Adamawa.

“We don’t have even SA Catering or SA Secretariat” to the president despite the fact that Yobe was and APP, ANPP and APC State right from the inception of political activities in 1999.

Jirgi who was a member of the field Operations Directorate of the APC Presidential Campaign Council wondered why President Muhammad Buhari will easily forget Yobe State in the scheme of his political affairs.

“Haba! President Muhammad Buhari what is our political sin to treat us in this manner of political miscalculation and marginalisation at an early days of your popular government?, “he added.

He noted that Yobe State remains the front-liner in president Buhari’s struggles to govern Nigeria again.

“Therefore, lopsided political appointments should not be a yardstick to punish us, at this era of political change under the good leadership of Baba Buhari,”Jirgi said.

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