Widows In Vwang District  Of Jos South Receive Palliatives From Integrated Dairy Farm

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Yakubu Busari

At least no fewer than , one hundred and twenty (120) widows in Vwang District of Jos-South Local Government Area of Plateau State have received palliative from the Integrated Diary Limited (IDL), the producers of Farm Fresh Milk to cushion the effect of covid-19 pandemics during the Christmas and new year celebration.



The Managing Director of Integrated Diary limited, Da Gyang Ballak, made the donations at the  palace of Da Gwom Rwai of Vwang District’s to help commensurate the season of Christmas in Jos .


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He said ,” when the management of the company voted hundreds of thousands Naira as part of their corporate social responsibility to reach out vulnerable  widows in the society “.


Ballak while  Presenting the materials to the Da Gwom Rwai of Vwang District, he stressed that this can help to put smiles in their faces like any other family in the absence of their breadwinners .


Sheyin Shekurri, represented by the Company’s Human Resource Manager, Ejaide Helen, said, “as an organization, we carry out our corporate social responsibility by reaching out to our host community which is Vwang Community”.


“We realized that the widows are the susceptible part of the community particularly that, they do not have their spouses to support them and as you are aware, the year 2020 has been quite eventful with the novel Coronavirus pandemic that started sometime in march which we do not see an end to it now that the second phase is on the rise.


“It’s been quite challenging for families, communities, countries, and of course, the industries which some had to shut down or look at other alternatives to stay afloat. It has not been easy for us, but we have been able to stay afloat with a hard hundred percent retention and had no cause to downsizing or retrench our staff.


“We realized that, with the economic situation, you know, Nigeria is in a recession right now and we saw that it will be quite difficult for the widows in the community given recent events in the economy.


That is why we thought that, regardless of the hard times that we are in and the impact in our cashflow as an organization, we will not relent in our corporate social responsibility to reach out to the widows”, he enthused.


Shekurri, therefore, thanked the Gwom Rwai and his cabinet for the support and cooperation given to the organization to flow and pray that, they would continue to coexist together peacefully and in harmony by supporting each other so that, the purpose of what binds them together would be achieved.



Some of the items donated included; over one hundred and twenty-six (126) six point one kilograms bags of rice and a Grand Pure Soya Oil for each widow for onward distribution by the Da Gwom Rwai to the widows, through the Integrated Diary limited Kilo of kindness 2020 Initiative.


Receiving the items on behalf of the widows, the Da Gwom Rwai of Vwang District in Jos-South  LGA, Da Gyang Ballak, thanked IDL for the show of love to the widows in his community describing the organization as an exceptional haven been the only organization sited around the community that, has not relented in carrying out its corporate social responsibility among many organizations sited around.


He promised to distribute evenly the materials to the widows and ensure that, all the beneficiaries’ names were made available to the organization so that, they would be able to register their appreciation for this great gesture done to them at this crucial time.

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