Why Lalong Will Lose 2019 Election – Prince Mado Mado

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Prince Mado Mado


I must say with all joy and gratitude to God, I see massive awakening on the Plateau, I love plateau state and my people because I see a massive enlightenment and I see true patriotism and people are already revolting against bad leadership and correction will be made 2019, the people have widened up.


I decided to critically analyze the government of Simon Bako Lalong, indeed it’s not a new story any more plateau people have seen and know what we have as a governor, and if he was wise he should take a bow and retreat to federal locost. The 2015 election will forever be a memorable one in the heart of Plateau people, because it was an election that the people spoke, fought and demanded a change, which Gov. Lalong accidentally won through the revolution that fought the imposition of Gov. Jang.


Three years have gone and all we can say is “O Plateau how did we get Here” we are witnessing the 1999 corrupt government back into power and massive corruption taking place under the Simon Bako Lalong administration, with no development whatsoever, only attempts to fool people when Buhari visited plateau by painting roundabouts black and white, what a shame that this governor could not study the season and time that brought him In, because plateau people demanded a change and he Lalong accidental got elected not because anyone thought he was a genius.


I want to remain the governor if he thinks 2019, election money will buy him vote, he should think again, because he has no achievements records to contest on, then he is a failure, because less he forget Plateau people we will remind him that 2015, he had no money and we voted for him, and of this notable points I will point out where he will fail woefully and will be disgraced out of office.


  1. With bailouts and assistance from the federal government, plateau would have seen massive development, but you and your cronies stole those funds, we will remind you.


  1. The Paris fund his government collected and cannot account for we will remind you.


  1. The appointments of Hausa-Fulanis on the plateau, that will never be forgiven, and the videos of you bragging that it has brought peace, you will account for that. The Partnership and friendship you have with the Hausa-Fulanis, we will remind you. Because this is Jesus own state (Jos).


  1. The debt profile of the plateau that has risen to 950 billion from 222.5 of last administration, we will remind you.


  1. With zero empowerment for the youths and that 48million naira fraud that occurred two years in name of youth empowerment in conjunction with Apurimac, we will remind you.


6.For selling the plateau heritage and portraying us as an Islamic State, due to your affiliation with the core northerners, even your dress code has changed to baban riga and hula, every day you are with the core northern, we will remind you.


  1. For refusing to ban open cattle grazing, allowing Fulanis to move around and parade our state and creating havoc on plateau indigenes, while Benue and Taraba state government adhere to the cry of its people by banding, we will remind you.


  1. For wasting plateau resources, every day you take private jets, to Abuja each trip cost 3million naira, wasting 1.5billion in 2017 for Muslim pilgrimage. Wasting 490million for a carnival that brings nothing to the state, spending plateau resources in Sheraton and Hilton hotels in Abuja, every night 500thousand naira, while little children, women, and old grandparents are killed in the villages, we will remind you.


  1. For the lack of development, no good healthcare, no education, no infrastructures no sector fixed, we will remind you.


10.For appointing criminals into a position of the government, like Festus Fuantry who sold the JIB dam to himself, Porta cabin which belongs to the state he has a share in it now, where you and your friends waste plateau resources in buying beer worth 1.8million a night and spoiling little girls. We will remind you, Yakubu dati who was sacked from FAAN due to corruption and theft is the man you bring in to do your dirty jobs, we will remind you.


  1. With all the killings nothing has been done to the families of victims affected, houses burnt government Could not assist, those killed not even a proper burial like Benue did, to show that plateau lives matter, they were buried like dustbins, we will remind you


  1. With no visible development to the women on the plateau, our mothers have not been empowered only sweeping the coal tar, we will remind you.


13.You obviously love Buhari more than plateau state, for that naming of road and your overnight painting of roads because Buhari is coming, we will remind you that Buhari has never won election on the plateau even 2015,we voted for you and refuse to vote for him, you think he can bring you back, massive error.


  1. The Statement you made against Ortom from that lie and disgrace you brought on us on the plateau must be answered.


  1. Your appointments of the Hausa Fulani people in jos north, the secretary position, which you have them against the native owners of his north, we will remind you.


  1. You refuse to fix education, while your own children go to school in Kent’s academy and even school in Atlanta Georgia USA, so the children of the poor people should seat down on bare floors with no roofs classrooms, God will remind you of this and Plateau state will remind you.


Think wisely, plateau’s future is bigger than you and your political ambition, we need to move ahead and we want to fix our land because we are tired of this rubbish that has been going on since 1960, the younger generation we are tired of old corrupt politicians, changing parties here and there. I repeat it will be wise you withdraw and retreat back to federal locust where you remove the army from. The checkpoint and place them at your gate, the money you bragging you have, it will shock you plateau people will eat because it’s plateau money and you will lose the election and go back home broke, like 1999 less you forget.


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