Why I Collapsed In Court – Tukur Mamu

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Publisher of Desert Herald newspaper Tukur Mamu, who last Thursday collapsed in an Abuja Magistrate Court 2 while standing trial for a case of defamation of character brought against him by embattled FCT minister Bala Mohammed, has recovered and will proceed with his trial.
Speaking briefly to our reporter at Wuse 2 General Hospital, Mamu said: “I suffered a sudden heart crisis as a result of my well-documented thyroid case and the failure to give me my drugs which necessitated my collapse, but I thank God for my partial recovery.

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“This is a clear case of persecution and, Insha Allah, their evil machination will fail. Bala Mohammed and Bomoi are determined to hide their practices at the FCDA but they will ultimately not succeed.
“Their attempt to connive with the police to frustrate my efforts by all means is not the solution. A similar case is pending at an Abuja high court and the police, for reason yet to be known to them, rushed to get me arrested without a thorough investigation, which has exposed an interest.”
Mamu added that, at this time of security challenges and the loss of confidence in the police by the public, some bad ones within the organisation still connive with high-profile crooks to frustrate efforts at exposing corrupt practices. “No amount of intimidation, threat or gross act of impunity can scuttle my effort to expose the rot within the FCT,” he said. “We are determined and we shall succeed. We have to join hands to weed out crooks from leadership positions for a better country. I have said it before that even if I die in the course of the job I love, I will be a fulfilled man because others must certainly continue.”
The publisher will be arraigned today before a magistrate’s court in Wuse2, Abuja.

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