Who Is Ademola Adeleke?

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Comrade Saheed Okanlawon


Sudden happenings raise eyebrows, forcing questions and interpretations. A new star in a political firmament elicits multiple probings. Senator Ademola Adeleke is an enigma who from a popular family exhibits personality which fascinate many Nigerians.


One need not focus on his deeply magnetic personality, a powerful tool for winning elections. Voters prefer a candidate who excites them.Ademola inspired many citizens.Many just want to catch a glimse of him.


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His simplicity is equally tempting.His attitude to life is what psychologists called  rigid simplicity.A tough appreciation of situation is masked under an unhurried mien,presenting an internally serious mind as a simple minded citizen.


Many appreciates his kind and humanitarian personality.He is definitely not a sadist, not a mean figure without milk of human kindness.His friends said he detests human suffering and is known to have over-exerted himself to rescue and grant succur to fellow beings. The pro-people mindset generates differing interpretations.In politics that is a great attribute as a sadist in power translates into hell for the populace.


Questions arise severally over capacity to lead.Here,it was first a question of what has he achieved in the last one year as a senator.Quite big and unexpected. If he is delivering within so short a period,capacity question is clearly answered by performance.


But what exactly is capacity to govern? Ability to make right judgement among contending policy options.His friends reflected that you cannot have a more thoroughbred administrator than Ademola. His grasp of minute details in company processes is described as unrivalled . Another one is mental preparedness to assemble the best for management of  sectors .Here again,both native intelligence and studied capacity are prerequisites.Ademola’s capacity is exemplary but masked under appearance of rigid simplicity.


What agenda such mind may be nursing is equally a matter of currency. First it is confirmed such a figure is not after material acquisition.The huge wealth in the family has settled that. Second is such figure is not after fame as the family antecedent has resolved that. Third is that Ademola is a studied mind who knows it is a must to positively deliver.


Why? The family name is at stake. Hence,he has fashioned out governance agenda touching major areas of needs of the state. His friends said his leadership will tilt more openly towards the workers,pensioners,students,the unemployed,women and youths.His plan is adjudged as integratively pro-people,pro-poor and pro-development.


Issues arise about complexity of governance challenges facing the state. Checks showed that a competent leader simply identifies team members across critical sectors to validate governance and developmental plans. This Demola is doing according to documentary evidence. A technocratic team mixed with political touch under party supremacy delivers a successful government.


How schooled is he? Detractors abound on this aspect. Beyond that the Senator fulfilled the basic secondary school electoral requirement,his records of university attendance are verifiable. Many Osun voters see such questions as mere blackmail designed to distract the candidate.So simply put,Ademola has no cerificate scandal.


But can he be trusted? On this those close to him said the family  with a record of sterling public service can be relied upon to deliver public good. A combination of the family ,the technocratic team he is putting in place ,the party structures are cited as empowering factors for a successful Ademola governorship.


Back to the opening sentence,Ademola is something new and fresh,facing the electorate who appear  mesmerized by his simplicity,his humanitarian posture ,his unpretentious outlook and his magnetic personality that connects with voters. When competency validated by performance is added to instant click and bond with voters ,what other best candidate can deliver victory at polls?


*Comrade Saheed Okanlawon writes from Olupoona ,Ayedire Local Government of Osun state

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