Where Lies The Lions Share? Education And Health Crippled In Bauchi State!

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It may interest you to recall that, In the year 2016, Gov-Abubakar of Bauchi State  Government has allocated more funds to education and health sector in its 2016 budget.

Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar presented a budget of N135 billion to the House of Assembly. Education got the highest share of 20 percent, amounting to N26.7 billion, from the N135b budget proposed for 2016 fiscal year. The health sector received 15 percent, amounting to N19.7billion. He claimed that “Education, being the bedrock of any development, priority has been accorded to this sector… Projects and programmes expected to bring about the attainment of qualitative education include purchase of furniture and fittings, supply of instructional materials, library books and equipments to the existing schools, construction of more public schools as well as rehabilitation of existing ones.”

In May 2016, U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) invested about $58million during a ceremonial launch to strengthen Bauchi state’s ability to deliver quality Education to children and serve as a model for other states.

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Earlier this year, Gov-Abubakar claimed that education and health sectors got the lion shares in the 2017 Appropriation Bill as presented to the House of Assembly by Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar. He also said that education was allocated N27.451 billion while health got N23.409 billion, represent 18.87% and 16.09% respectively of the budget.

But alas, what’s on ground is not in any way promising. Gov-Abubakar’s crippled governance yields no result than a mere sycophancy industry full of deception and unfulfilled promises. I visited my home town sometimes ago n found our hospital turned like a mere death-trap, no light (electricity), no water, no personnel, no… I saluted the courage of the little Nurses found who were serving like volunteers because they based in the town with willingness to serve for the glory of service. Patients can only buy medicines from outside the hospital with the help of the volunteered Nurses when prescribed. Those who cannot afford private health care facilities ended up being in jeopardy because of government’s lopsided strategies and retrogressive policies. Even in tyrant Era health care facilities used to be in place for the sake of the ruled Hoi polloi.

Talking about Education, it’s one of the worst areas to be unpleased with. The more Gov-Abubakar claims the Lions share saga, the more crippled it becomes. Sometimes last year, I personally advice Gov-Abubakar and the APC to declare state of emergency on Education after USAID’s intervention, knowing fully the state has all it takes in the then time. The last time I had an interview with one of the Boarding school’s principal, it was worthy of shedding tears. It’s indeed disdainful that government can no longer provide ordinary food materials despite its riches on that sector. Now that its rainy season, I wonder how conducive those dilapidated classrooms and hostels would be for learning. Kai! Only God knows their degree of hardship, they aren’t even complaining about furnitures or other amenities. Some travels for miles before getting access to even unhealthy water. What a life, Governor’s Son is somewhere enjoying the fruits of their parents labour. Even though he has the powers to do as he wishes, but it must be done with a huge sense of justice, fairness and responsibility. It’s time to hold our leaders accountable for both their actions and inactions.

Bauchians aren’t pleased with your war of supremacy. Gov-Abubakar should revisit his drawing board and start implementing what is needed. He shouldn’t bother much about getting reelected, USAID’s interventions is meant to strengthen Education and not your political aspirations, n I doubt much if the budget does. Therefore, such rascality shouldn’t be a subject.

While enduring these tortures in silence, I use this established medium to call on my fellow Youths to lead the struggles for the attainment of an agalitarian society where good governance, social justice, rule of law, accountability, integrity, probity, economic prosperity, and public service delivery is obtained. We should be equal to the challenges of the third world not an old order analysis.

Baba-Gov please turns over a new leaf n an agent of creation. Although you’re more of legislator, but executive duties still lies on your shoulder. May Allah guide us right? God bless Bauchi State and The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Muhammad Salees Gamawa


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