We Have Dug A Death Pit Waiting For Anybody That Will Rig Our Votes-APC By Tom Garba

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential campaign train yesterday in Adamawa told the mammoth crowd that the country is in dire need of change, PDP have disappoint Nigerians with nothing to show for it.

Speaking to the crowd, the Presidential Candidate of the APC, Gen. Buhari said; “Our tour is to mainly canvass votes from you and to remind you 16 years of PDP rule is nothing to show, rather its  characterized with all form of impunity, security imbalance and economy backwardness. We are suffering because of the kind of bad leaders we have.
“My first assignment is to make sure our security is intact. My government will boost the agricultural sector. I will give soft loan and will work on the issues of electricity” he added.
Speaking to the crowd party stalwarts also ask people to protect their votes, according to Abdulrahama Abba Jimeta, who is the Gubernatorial Campaign Director of APC Gubernatorial candidate in Adamawa, Bindow plead with the party supporters to get their PVCs, cast their votes, protect their votes and defend their votes for a dead pit has already dug for anybody that will rig APC votes in Adamawa state.
“We are ready to die for the sake of our votes, we’ve dug a death pit waiting for anybody that will rig our votes” Jimeta threatened
“We are generally accepted as a party any where we go, we’ve not been stoned for whatever reasons but others always took to their heels wherever on their campaigns,” said Solomon Dalop one of the party stalwarts in the state.
For the former Vice President and the Turakin Adamawa Atiku Abubakar, he said; “Come February we are going to prove that this government is a transition one, no any other which will win election as far as I am concern. In this state is going to be APC all through the various elections. Just cast your votes for APC all through.”

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