We Challenged Jang’s To Call Stakeholders Meeting,Shown By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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The Plateau State Political elites  have said that they have tolerated, Governor Jonah David Jang, enough, just as he is urged not to mess up the state, an elder statesman Professor Dakun Shun has said.
He said the people of the state have vowed never to allow Jang to impose the next Governor on them, that will lead to unhealthy upheavals.
Professor Shun, who is the Chairman of PDP Equity and Justice Movement, stated this while addressing newsmen in Jos, against the backdrop of Governor Jangs’ planed to ‘impose Senator Gyang Pwajok, a Berom from Plateau North, to succeed him as the next Governor.”
He said: “Politically annoying is that the State Government is supporting someone that is from the same tribe, the same village with Governor Jang.
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“The history of our state has never witnessed where the Governor is, the minister is, we have seen all the appointments and we have tolerated him enough.”
The group leader said Governor Jang is a beneficiary of the rotational formula in the state, as unanimously agreed by the People that power should shift to the Northern Plateau after the Central part has done its eight years.
“We have the mandate of the Elders, the youths , the women, including Beroms and religious leaders, that power should now shift to the Southern part of the state,” he said. “And we are looking for a candidate from the South, someone that has the quality to Govern the State, and is the People of the state that can decide.”
According to him, they are Jang’s friends and should not be seen as antagonizing him.
He said: “As elders in the state we not against Governor, as they are saying, but we stand up for justice, Jang should examine himself, but not to blame the elders.”
Professor Shun explained that it is a pity that the People of the state are throwing insulting words onto Governor Jang, “because of his choice of Pwajok, and as his friends we feel a shame.”
“I was Jang director of campaign and Jang has,  stated with no kobo, and we have won the election,” he added.
He challenged Jang, to summon a meeting of elders and political class to sincerely discuss the issue.
Shun accuses Jang and state leadership of the PDP, of  not conducting ward congresses for the elections of delegates, added that such actions where they seat and make lists was a clear rigging.
“We have petitioned the National Secretariat of the PDP, and we hope they will do the right.
“Governor Jang is afraid of defeat at the primaries, we accused Jang to stop the imposition  of candidate ,we want him to know that  power must shift to Plateau south ” said noted.
“I met others governors here we kept the wings of governance together, Jang is our leader, he should understand that we are not in military regime this is civilian regime”.he added.
He adviced Governor Jang to be a good listener because he is  defending his government while  we are defending the poor masses .

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