We Can’t Perish With You, Sanga Youths Tell El-Rufai

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Sanga youths under the umbrella of Sanga Youths Initiative For Peace and Development, has passed a Vote of No Confidence on the Executive Governor of Kaduna State Mallam Nasir el-Rufai.


The group in a meeting held in Gwantu on 15/11/2018, stated that the el-Rufai led administration cannot deceive the youths and the entire people of Sanga Local Government Area who stood by him during the 2015 gubernatorial election. The group expressed shock that the governor who couldn’t find a Sanga indigene suitable for any appointment until when his administration was capsizing and was having too many issues, like high unemployment (caused by massive retrenchments), unjustified sack of teachers, vehicle Inspection Officers, KDIRS staff, victimization of some selected Local Government staff, denigration of our traditional institution and other problems bedevilling his administration, will at the end of his first tenure ask the people of Sanga to join him by picking a running mate from the Local Government Area.


We want to categorically state it clearly that whoever el-Rufai has picked as his running mate will not save his administration from capsizing and will not heal the wounds he, (Gov. Nasir el-Rufai) inflicted on the good people of Sanga Local Government Area.


We are surprised that while other Local Government Areas did not support and vote for Mallam Nasir el-Rufai in 2015 were rewarded with juicy appointments, Sanga LGA was completely neglected for good 3 years, until when the chips went down. He has betrayed us once, hence cannot and will never be trusted again.


His choice of a Muslim running mate from Sanga is meant to divide Kaduna State along religious and ethnic lines, which therefore, must be completely rejected. We urge our people not to allow themselves to be swindled by such political plot by this anti-people administration. We call on all lovers of fairness, justice and equity within and outside Sanga Local Government Area to show Mallam Nasir el-Rufai the way out of government in the forthcoming 2019 poll.


We also want to categorically state that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Our traditional rulers, alongside other members of the APC who went to the Government House Kaduna, on a thank you visit, were on a frolic of their own. They cannot determine our future politically, and in no way were they speaking for the entire good people of Sanga Local Government Area. It should be noted that CAN is a nonprofit and non-political organization hence it should remain as such. Its leadership does not in any way represent our political views in Sanga Local Government Area.


We hereby call on the general public to disregard such groups or institutions as they are speaking in their personal capacities and nothing more. As concerned members of our community we feel Mallam Nasir el-Rufai has not exhibited the leadership qualities that are required to bring the desired peace, unity and further move Kaduna State to the greatness we all envisaged.


It’s obvious that, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai is not aware of the peace efforts of the former Kaduna state Governor Dr Ahmed Makarfi in Kaduna State. El-Rufai’s predecessors have sustained this peace building initiative, but it’s quite unfortunate that Mallam Nasir el-Rufai is the only person that has not only succeeded in destroying it, but has also gone an extra mile to empower the Crisis merchants, and at the same time punish some of the victims.


We hereby want to make it clear, that we have lost confidence in the Governor and his autocratic style of administration, which is a total fiasco. We also reject the position of the Deputy Governor that was offered to divide us more, as that position does not hold water. We would have preferred to have a Ministerial position or the Secretary to the State Government in his first tenure, instead of a shadowy ineffectual deputy governor’s office, which is too late now.


The youths of Sanga Local Government Area cannot save him (Mallam el-Rufai) from perishing in the forthcoming 2019 poll, nor can we follow him to his early political grave.


We call on the peace loving people of Kaduna State to salvage the State from the scourge of bad leadership to avoid total collapse by voting Mallam Nasir el-Rufai out of office, come 2019.



Ayuba John Gwantu (Esq)

[email protected]


Mohammed Abudulahi Avenkong

[email protected]


Paul Amba PeterJnr.

[email protected]




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