Wambai Misused The Privileges Accorded To Him By The NSUBEB Management, I Never Diverted N9.6m-Yakubu

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The acting chairman of the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board,Yakubu Ahmed vehemently denied the diversion of N9.6m monthly from teachers salary, he also unveiled that plans are underway for the rehabilitation of Junior secondary and primary schools destroyed by rainstorms as well destroyed during tribal and communal conflicts. He further gave the assurance that the long awaited and backlog of counterparts fund would be off-set by the state government, he speaks to Rabiu Omaku.

The sole administrator of Lafia Local Government Area who is also the Chairman Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) Hon. Suleiman Wambai alleged that NSUBEB swindle N9.6M monthly from Primary And Junior Secondary School Teachers salaries, what is your take on this accusation?

This no longer news because Suleiman Wambai hinted this since last year and this compel the board to forward the matter to Diamond bank for clarification, as you can see the bank denied that allegation, honestly is very wrong for those in government trying to destroy the same government which they also belong, since last year we trash that issue out, nothing like this exist, you were at the board during the protest embarked upon by the Nigerian Union of Teachers insisting that their salary should be reverse back to the State Universal Basic Education Board ? Teachers are leaving witness if they are to compare when they are collecting their salary at NSUBEB and presently at the local government, Wambai enjoyed some privileges from the board, infact he misuse the privileges accord him by the management led by the former executive chairman, Mal.Abdulkarim Mohammed Abdullahi.

With the havoc wreaked on public schools by rainstorm while some were destroyed during the last communal violence, what is the way forward

We have taken inventory of schools blown off by rainstorm, not only that but including the ones destroyed during the recent communal conflicts that wreaked havoc to Nasarawa south senatorial district, very soon we will embark on rehabilitation of schools ruined by rain and windstorm, we are waiting for the state governor to give us the go ahead and i promise work will be in earnest. the state government in a bid to ensure a conducive learning atmosphere for students in Junior secondary and primary schools is to embark on massive construction and renovation of classrooms destroyed by rain and windstorm. The state government would extend her olive branches to schools affected during the recent communal conflict that ravaged the entire Nasarawa south senatorial district as well cut across

Al-Makura is yet to settle backlog of counterpart fund, this single action hampered the operations of NSUBEB ?

Meanwhile we are working towards accessing our counterpart funds, and by the time we accessed this money we will ensure that work begins immediately, all machineries are in place to clear all outstanding counterpart and I’m hopeful that by the time we access the fund our schools will pass through total rehabilitation and renovation especially those at the crisis stricken communities.

Many schools were established but no frantic steps were taken to employ more teachers, what are your plans?

We have the intention to employ more teachers especially to some of the new schools established but due to the current economic crisis even those on our payroll are not having the best of the moment, the reasons are due to the fall on oil price ,as you can see we pay our teachers the way we receive our grant this necessitated the payment of salary based percentage we receive from the federal grants, though the situation is not permanent and hopeful by the time the economy improves we will seek for approval from the governor for the recruitment of teachers

Some of the buildings of TAAL model schools are fingered as shabby projects these foisted parents in Keana, Lafia and some communities to warned the state government not to occupy those structures, are you aware of this ?

I’m aware of this and the state government has set up a task force to go round the state which we are waiting for the report, as I previously said if they presented the outcome of their investigation then the right step will be taken to addressing the situation on ground, let’s just wait for the report.

As the helmsman what would be your message to the staff of NSUBEB?

My message is a call on staff of the board to accord me their maximum support to achieve the desire objective of my stewardship, and I enjoined all and sundry to put in their best in the discharge of their duty.my doors are open for all, while from them i needed their cooperation and support for us to succeed.

Teachers are in the habit of playing truancy and ineptitude to their responsibility, what is your message to them.

As the new head of the organization i intend to build upon what my predecessor left on ground, what we normally do is that we have a monitoring unit as well a unit saddle with the responsibility of sensitizing parents on resumption of pupils especially those at the hinterland lacks the knowledge about the resumption of pupils and students, we will ensure that thorough monitoring and inspection to checkmate ineptitude and truancy is tackle headlong. Our teachers most work above board because no government is praying for failure, again I’m pleading with teachers to remain resolute and calm with the current economic realities.

Just of recent Governor Al-Makura summoned you and consultant to give reasons why some finishing touches are yet to be completed, he complained of lack of toilet fittings in the storey building as well landscaping ?

For the landscaping I will speak on that but for the finishes touches the consultant is the right person to answer that question.

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