University Don, Prof Christy Best Receives Beacon Award Lament Women Poor Participation In Nigeria Politics

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Yakubu Busari

Professor Christy Best of the Faculty of Mass Communication, University of Jos has received the beacon of peace, of hope, and excellent leadership award in Nigeria from the Women Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 northern States where she employed women to be an ambassador of promoting gender programs and policy of the women folks.


After bagging the certificate of honored, Prof  Best lamented the poor participation of women in politics by urging women to actively engage themselves in politicking, she said.


Prof Best challenged the Christian women to be the vanguard of transformation to remain relevant in Nigeria projects rather than shunning away from the political activities completely.



According to her, Nigerian women have been contributing to the development of politics, but most time people see them as the weak, but today their voice must be counted in building a legacy for their upcoming generation to imbibe.


Prof Best stressed that the biggest problem associated with the plight of the African women is that whenever there is a conflict they are vulnerable affected as she promises to partner to reduce the ill-treatment melted of rural, urban women.


She advocated that women shouldn’t keep silent to the silent voices of Christian faithful women when there is an incident of rape, we are encouraging all of you to speak out and expose this evil tendency masquerading in our society.



She added that today I stand to receive one of the women’s serious awards, which would spur me to stand and encourage you women to be the vanguard of change  for you to  come together and unite for a common goals women .


Prof Christy’s urged women not to be discouraged in their struggle to liberate themselves from the political dominance of the men folks were the challenge to be ambassadors in keeping accountability and transparency in their daily conduct.

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