UNIJOS Signs Mou With Govt And Private Hospital On Cancer Screening By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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The University of Jos has signed MoU with government and  private own hospitals in Plateau state to commence counselling toward  stamping out cancers related  disease in the country.
The Vice Chancellor Prof. Samson  Mafuyai has revealed that  center for Gender and Women studies  organized one Day sensitization programme of Feminine and Prostate cancers  held at ASU secretariat University of Jos .
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As part of their responsibility to promote the gender related issues and the Cancers disease scourge which has ravaged the human existence screening is the application of clinical detection.
Mafuyai described cancers disease as a silent killer of many African who spent huge of their income on the treatment.
He said we don’t have to be afraid of the disease money Nigerian spent on the treatment of cancers should be channel toward improving the early signs in men and women.
Mafuyai disclosed that early diagnoses of the disease will help the patients to live longer and normal also better to make their contributions.
He condemned a situation where Nigerians live outside the shore of the country for medical tourism to India and Europe which is not contributing anything to the economy of their country.
Chairperson  of the occasion, OBS & GYN .Department medical sciences Prof. A S Sagay  about 25 billion people are suffering from the disease but if the cancers is dictated early those living with the disease will survive.
He said in the developed parts of the world were many people are that over 16 million would be diagnosed from the disease and lamented that Africa shall be more hit .
According to him, university of Jos will be training ground who helps to reduce the new incident of disease which is funded by international sponsored. He pointed out that the drugs will not treat the symptoms or controls it. A population wide registers in Nigeria were he has 11 major teaching hospitals across the country.

Three type of cancers and that of the brain and the simply cancer and we have the one that cannot be easily dictate and cancer cervical cancer which occurred through sex .

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