UNIJOS Advocates For Indigenous Languages In The Universities Curriculum By Yakubu Busari ,Jos

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The Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos,  Professor Hayward Mafuyai has advocated for the need of the most widely spoken languages such as Hausa, Swahili and Arabic to be used at the higher level of education.
In addition, he suggested that the official languages of English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, be included at the university curriculum to enable West African citizens relate better with their counterparts both within the region and in other regions of the Continent.
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This according him, this would bridge the ethnic and language diversity prevalent in many African Countries.
This was the highlight of the 2nd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Association of West African Universities (AWAU) which took place in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
The Conference had the focal theme “Harmonization of Academic Programmes and Qualifications in Africa (Arusha Convention): Implication for Africa.”
 Leading the  Discussion on the topic “Language, Culture, Religion and the Integration of West Africa”, Professor Hayward Mafuyai advocated for indigenous languages to be adopted as languages of instruction not only at the early stages of education but also at the Higher Education stage.
He however said due to the ethnic and language diversity prevalent in many African Countries, stresses the need for AWAU to network with comparable organizations in Africa so as to develop a continental framework that would provide guidelines for recognition of qualifications in Higher Education.
The conference was held in Ghana to harmonize and take step to standardize University curricula in West Africa in order to promote greater mobility among Researchers and Students in the region.
The strategy is also to ensure the full implementation of the ‘Arusha Convention’ which seeks to foster regional cooperation through common recognition for the exercise of Academic and professional activities among citizens of member Nations.

According to the press statement issued by the information and publications department of the University of Jos, Nigeria, said the conference had in attendance University Administrators, Academics, Higher Education Experts, Consultants and policy makers including Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jos, Professor Hayward Mafuyai.

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