Ulama, JNI Leaders At War Over Leadership In Plateau

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By Yakubu Busari,Jos

abuja-national-mosque-nigeriaThe Elders/ULAMA in Plateau state have been engaged in leadership tussle since 2003 over imposition of candidates during electioneering period.

It was purposely formed to address contemporary challenges confronting Muslims association on the Plateau religiously and politically despite the sectional differences between them with quarter of membership from JNI,JIBWIS “B” Tijjaniya, Qadiriya as well as shiah Islamic sects.

The council comprises twenty members with sheikh Balarabe. Dawud from JNI as the Chairman, sheikh SANI Yahaya Jingir from JIBWIS “A” as. Vice chairman 1 and sheikh Alhassan Saidu from JIBWIS “B” as vice chairman II

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There have been a lot of conformity among the members on Islamic issues and little disconformity on political issues since most of them are not politicians by practice or profession .

So ,this body serve as the superior decision making body for Muslims in Jos and its environs .if anybody kick against whatever they decide upon,will be considered a traitor most especially on political matters.

Infact, it performs both the governmental and traditional functions of the Muslims in Jos.

The bone of contention in Jos after guber elections till date was as a result of the screening of the candidates contesting into the National and state Assemblies respectively.

There were six candidates coming from various political parties constesting into National Assembly among them was the incumbent member and seven candidates constesting into the state assembly among them was the incumbent member also who has been a member since last eight years.

The screening procedure is for each candidates to submit all the unnecessary credentials and INEC forms that qualify him to go for election to the council of Ulama .

In the course of screening for National Assembly the incumbent member secured highest votes within the council members and is not loved by the majority of the people he is presenting,but the council announced to the people to vote for him for the second term.

Why should the Ulama council not be suspected of collecting money by Sheikh SANI Yahaya and the general public since sheikh Sani Yahaya and few of his aides did not give their votes for the incumbent members?.

Something surprising was both sheikh Alhassan Saeed and sheikh Balarabe Dawud took an oath with Allah before the general public in the mosque during Jumuah prayer they did not collect single penny from the incumbent member.  Of the state Assembly should be voted for third-term without consulting the council as a team for collective decision making .

In respond to the sheikh Sani Yahaya one persons decision,the members of the Ulama said that he has collected money also ,so ,he should make public oath as they did that he has not collected any penny.

After all, his candidates has been in the House for eight years, people are tired of him and is still not loved by the majority of the people he is representing .

Now who do you think is right or wrong between the council as a team and sheikh, sani Yahaya as a person. To me and to any unbiased person both of them are at fault interms of selecting right person to represent people ,Reasons are both the two parties do not give clear assessment to the candidates on how truth are they ,how audible are they and are going to be the people they represent ,how acceptable are they to the people ,how current are they are going to be in the house.

What have they done towards building their community morally, educationally, politically, and financially but not through the means of casting votes among themselves or asking the concern candidates go and negotiate among themselves or asking themselves questions who among the candidates would you like to be chosen or elected .

However, by asking candidates to explained their manifestos within two to three minutes those including; Hon. Atiku Abubakar who came first follow by Hon Mua’azu Sani ,Hon Auwal Haruna ,Rt Hon. Ibrahim Baba Hassan, Hon. Sadis , Bar. Aminu Sani and Shehu sulen Jebu

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