Two Graduates Of Zoology And Architecture Running The Affairs Of Nigeria Have Ruined It- Fashola Derides Jonathan, Sambo

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Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola has lambasted President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo for ruining the nation. Fashola made the assertion at the birthday anniversary of former Baylesa Governor, Timipre Sylva in a lecture titled: “The Challenge Of Democratic Governance”
In one of the  sub topic in his speech which is entitled: Leadership of Government, Fashola said: “Until recently, we all used to think that our national development was inhibited by the fact that we never had a university graduate as leader of any national government in an executive capacity. This perhaps alludes only faintly to the issue of the elite consensus, but it is not the same.”
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As he added that; ‘Thankfully, the myth of graduate leadership as desirable as it is, has been exploded now. We have two graduates (a zoologist and an architect) at the helm of our National affairs and I think the majority of Nigerians will tell you today that their lives are worse off today than they were 4 (four) years ago.”
“Clearly there must be more to leadership than a university degree and educational qualification. There is character, vision, courage, empathy, compassion and many more attributes that you simply will not find in a classroom or school. They are in homes, in communities and also in the value system of society,” Fashola said.
On the issue of Chibok girls that were abducted he said; “Recently, our leadership has re-defined empathy by inviting parents of abducted Chibok girls, bereaved people, to the presidential villa for commiseration. I find this truly strange. Truly unAfrican.”
“How does this sound? “I heard you lost your child to abductors. Please come and see me at home so I can sympathize with you”. This is my paraphrasing of what has so far transpired.
“As if this was not bad enough, there is a tissue of lies around whether or not they tried to give the bereaved parents money. It is a low point for leadership. It suggests the lack of empathy.  This is not the first lie that surrounds the unfortunate abduction of young girls in Chibok.
The first statement was to say that they had rescued the girls. When pressed to show us the girls they issued a statement casting doubt on whether the girls were actually abducted.”
Fashola said; “The new story, is that they now know where the girls are. This is the same way they lied about the unaccounted for $48 Billion; when they say it was only $20 Billion as if it was good not to account for $1.00. They have turned around to say no money was missing, but add that they have appointed “forensic auditors” to find out of the money was missing. It seems strange and illogical to be searching for what is not missing.”

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