Two Businessmen Debunk Alleged Involvement In Ritual Killings In Iwo, Osun

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Two businessmen in Iwo, Osun State, Alhaji AbdurRafiu AbdulWaheed Esteem and Alhaji Saheed Asifat have debunked the allegations that they were involved in the recent ritual killings in the town.


The duo who are the founders of Esteem International Stores and Al-Furqan Megatop Investment said some individuals are targeting their stores and that they were planning to use the same strategy employed by hoodlums that looted public and private properties under the pretext of #ENDSARS protest.


They insisted that they were not involved in the ritual killings in the town and called on the security operatives to do their duties diligently by exposing the perpetrators, prevent the breakdown of law and order in the state and save their business.


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AbdulWaheed and Asifat at a press conference in Iwo said “We find it necessary to respond to the rumour making the rounds that we were involved with the gang of serial killers led by one Alamu Monsuru who is being investigated by the police presently.”


“We want to put it on record that we are not involved with the criminal gang in any way. We don’t even know Alamu, the alleged ring leader, neither have we had any transaction with him. Alamu was said to have mentioned some people like his partner in crime, to the glory of God, we were not among those he mentioned.”


“Hence, the rumour that we were arrested by police and taken to Osogbo and made to pay a sum of one million Naira to the police is unfounded. All along, we have been in our shops and offices, doing to our legal business”


“We appeal to the good people of Iwo to discountenance this slander that is aimed at looting our stores by destroying our hard-earned reputation. However, if anyone has any proof to back up the allegation, we advise such a person to report us to the appropriate authorities as we are ready to clear our names through any legal means.


“We want to make it abundantly clear, that this press conference was called in line with the advice of our family, friends and associates, home and abroad, who have been subjected to embarrassment and emotional trauma since the defamation of our character started. In addition, we will also employ legal processes to deal with our traducers.”


“We assure all and sundry that we are innocent of these false allegations and urge the police to expedite action on their investigation of the serial killers and make their findings public. We pray that Allah Almighty continue to expose criminals in our town and bring them to swift justice.”

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