TUC Backs Project Harmony For Early Resolution Of Conflicts

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The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has thrown its weight behind the Harmony Project designed to promote early and harmonious resolution of conflicts in season of resource scarcity and new regulations.

The Project, being facilitated by Ethics Resource Centre and National Commission for Colleges of Education with the support of critical stakeholders, has three components. The first component is the research and development of new leadership, management, negotiation,arbitration, bargaining, and mediation blueprints for addressing emerging conflict situations occasioned by current realities of socioeconomic changes, resource scarcity and new regulations.

The second component is the organization of a National Consultative Conference of stakeholders scheduled to hold from 22nd to 24th March, 2016 at the NCCE auditorium, Abuja to brainstorm on the new blueprint.

The third component is the inauguration of Harmony Action Committees in Institutions and Workplaces. The Committee, made up of representatives of cross sections of critical stakeholders, is charged with responsibility of early intervention in conflict situations with a view to preventing escalation of small conflicts into major industrial crises.

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Participants to the consultative conference will from inaugural members of Harmony Committees in their workplaces and institutions.

Project harmony will help employers and employees to understand the nature of contemporary political and socio-economic changes, resource scarcity and attendant tendencies for conflict escalation; as well as understand how to apply new blueprints for prevention and early resolution of conflicts.

The Project will prevent disruptive industrial actions at a time when collaboration of all stakeholders is needed to wade through difficult economic times. More importantly, the project will prevent disruption of academic calendars usually due to strike actions in educational institutions.

The TUC in its endorsement letter of November 26, 2016 re-affirmed “the full support and endorsement of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria for Project Harmony designed to promote sustained industrial peace through harmonious resolution of conflicts”. The TUC also confirmed that officers of the Congress will continue to participate in the implementation of Harmony Project and that the President of the Congress, Comrade Bobboi Bala Kaigama, will deliver the Keynote address at the National Consultative Conference that starts on 22 march.

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