Tribute To Dora Nkem Akunyili – By Umu Ada Anambra [Delivered by Dame Virgy Etiaba]

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It is with sadness that Umu Ada Anambra, an umbrella group of daughters of Anambra State in all the states of Nigeria and in Diaspora, pays this tribute to a great Amazon who has now gone to join the Saints Triumphant.
Yes indeed though Dora was one of us, we acknowledge with desolation that she was exceptional. Dora was inimitable. She was very forthright, classy and matchless. She was irreplaceable and yes indeed, she was truly a one off in every sense.
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Our despondency and grief know no bounds because Dora was a unique gift from God to our nation Nigeria. She was a very brave warrior who was never scarred of death. The irreplaceable Dora can be proud of the obvious fact that she stood for something while here on earth with us.
Dora was a great Nigerian patriot who never shied away from difficult National issues and always exhibited uncommon and unparalleled courage in contributing her voice whenever it mattered most.
She so much wanted a better Nigeria for all of us that only a few months ago, we were all together as delegates at the National Conference.
She had a hugely successful and unblemished career and made a huge difference wherever she found herself, giving many Nigerian women a strong voice to be proud of.
Dora opened the eyes of our women in fighting gender discrimination and injustice and for this; our women folk in particular will miss her greatly.
It is never about how long one lives but how well and just short of her sixtieth birthday, Dora has unarguable left this world too soon but Chike and the children should know that they are not alone at this moment of grief as millions of Nigerians are grieving with them. I do believe that while it is good to have an end to the journey toward, it is the actual journey that matters in the end.
Let God have your life; He can do more with it than you ever can. This is what Dora Nkem Akunyili has bravely done – letting God have her life, bravely submitting to the will of God. Nothing can be better and more everlasting than that indeed.
As Umu Ada Anambra, we have no doubt that Almighty and All Knowing God our Creator will be equally kind to her. Her legacies will live on while we sincerely believe that she has merely divinely relocated to one of the many mansions of our Father in Heaven.
Posterity is already being kind to her now as we are all witnessing and we, Umu Ada Anambra State say to our sister; ‘Ezigbo Nwanne Anyi, Ada Anambra Na Ada Nigeria, Gaa Ije Gi Nke Oma.  Kachifo’.
H.E Dame Virgy Etiaba KSM
Former Governor of Anambra State

[On behalf of Umu Ada Anambra]

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