Trial Resumes Against the Former President University Of Jos, Cooperatives Society Mr. Davou Dungs Over An Alleged Swindling Of A Kaduna Company

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Yakubu Busari

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC Trial on Thursday resumed the trial of the former President of University of Jos, Mr. Davou Nyam Dung and His Secretary Mr. Ezekiel Makama on allegations of swindling a businessman in Kaduna state, the owner of Unisex computer and other accessories worth 86,268,500.00 to supply 643 laptops, bags to the university of Jos cooperatives society.


The prosecution counsel, Barr Haruna Hedima told the court the matter was slated for hearing and he has witness coming to testify before this honorable court.


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SUPl, Vambula M. Tumba of the ICPC says, I leave at No 26 Jonah Jang Christine in Benue state opposite North Central office and the duty assigned for him is to investigate the cases of corruption and other related offenses, to also testified in court and engage on issues of crime.


When asked if he ever knows the defendant, Mr. Davou Nyam Dung, the witness said he knew him as a lecturer of the University of Jos and the former President of Jos university academic staff.


He explained that sometimes in September, 1st 2015 his office ICPC received a petition from Unisex services Nigeria ltd a company base in Kaduna state that deals on laptop computers and accessories sales.


My Lord, he said, in the petition, the complaint that sometimes on May 15th, 2014, they agreed with the defendant for the supply of laptop computers and bags numbering up to 643 units amounting to N86, 268,500.00 where each of the laptops cost 135,000.00 Naira which was meant to be supplied to the members of the cooperative society, university of Jos and the payment will be running for 18 months.


Tumba said the payment would be deducted from the salaries of the cooperative society members and that to be paid within months where he presented attached documents of the agreement as an exhibit, 1.


He identified the petition to the defendant statement through the company letter headed and signed by Dr. Abdulmalik Danwuruwa the director and the ICPC.



The exhibit was admitted in evidence and marked exhibit (1), saying our investigation revealed that the university of Jos cooperatives society which signed for the agreement for Local Purchasing order, LPO, for the supply of HP laptops and bags issued in an irrevocable payment standing order.


Tumba disclosed that on the 15th of May 2014 he was received by the former president university of Jos cooperatives society in the person of Mr. Davou and his Secretary Mr. Ezekiel Makama as they signed an undertaken.


However, about six documents were admitted in evidence and all mark exhibit 1 -6 proved on the 6th of May, 2014.


According to him, the former president of the University of Jos cooperatives society and his Secretary connived to divert all the computer and bags supply to the cooperative society for their use but there was the default in payment and irregularities in the payment, they only paid in six installments the sum of N19, 537,000.00 leaving the balance of 67,267,500.00 that is a pending payment to unisex computer company based in Kaduna state.


In the cause of their investigation, ICPC said they wrote a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jos asking him to release to the cooperative society new president Late Dr. David Jangkam to furnish them with enough documents.


The University of Jos debunked that there has never time they sat down at the meeting to discuss such an issue of purchasing laptops, bags for their members.


The president and his Secretary shared N3.5 million themselves as part of their 2% deducted.


The judge adjourned the case to 30th September 2020 for the continuation of hearing and opening of defense all to be taken together simultaneously.

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