Toro Youths Passes Vote Of No Confidence On Hon Umar Muda Lawal

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Yakubu Busari

The Youths of Toro Federal Constituency of Bauchi State has condemned in strong terms the ineffective representation of its lawmaker, Hon Umar Muda Lawal the Member representing Toro constituency and as such has passed a vote of no confidence on his leadership style “.

The coordinator of the youth on Toro Comrade, Mallam Abdulrahman  Abdullahi, Garbage Mohammed explained that they are tired of his nonchalant inaccessible, ineffective and non-participation in legislative activities at the national assembly and wonder what he has been doing there over the years.

They said, Federal Law Maker, Hon Umar Muda Lawal has been alleged involving in certificate racketeering/ forgery’s and also blamed for not visiting his constituency since voted into office.


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The statement was contained in a petition jointly signed by concerned Toro Youth and made available to this medium in Jos.


The statement read thus, the Toro Youth has passed a  vote of no confidence in the leadership of the lawmaker representing them for poor representation since voted into office.


The statement claimed,(he Hon Umar Muda Lawal ) the member representing them didn’t obtain a  degree certificate that he is alleged to be parading now even as he presented an SSCE certificate before the National Independent Electoral Commission (INEC).


According to them, Hon Lawal is a holder of the SSCE certificate and recently sacked all his aides when they complained of ill-treatment melted on them especially his campaign director.


We can no longer tolerate this hence our resolve to brief the press that Umar Muda Lawal is not fit to represent the good people of Toro federal constituency in the national assembly.



Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have supported him during his election but due consultation where his mother apologized to us that it was due to his inexperience as a first-timer.


However, after then, we have not heard or seen any contributions from the law Maker during proceedings, plenary sessions, and oversight functions and even in his constituency.


The worst of all is that the member remained in Abuja which made him inaccessible to the people of Toro federal constituency even when a private bill was drafted for him to present at the floor of the house, he was not seen to be given bill.


So, therefore, we hereby pass a vote of no confidence on hon Umar Muda Lawal as the member representing Toro constituency and our resolve to call back the law Maker base on incompetent.


The Member was elected under the platform of APC in the 2019 general election with the overwhelming support of his mother who is a federal permanent secretary when the party primaries were alleged to have been marred with irregularities.


The Youth accused their Member that since voted into power as he resumed office he only visited  Toro his constituent twice after his swearing-in and around the end of August.


He claimed he has a degree while only the SSCE result he has and his dissolved his campaign director immediately after the victory.


In the months of August, he sacked his SA political for advising him for abandoning and neglecting his constituency projects.


Of recent, Lassa kills a traditional ruler but he couldn’t visit any condolence message as refuse picking everyone call immediately.


The youth stated that All the projects executed in Tour federal constituency were sponsored or fund by his mother not him.


Youth in Toro federal constituency we don’t even know he is ruling as he always claimed he is a youth, so he is trying to tarnish our image as Toro youths in the eyes of Toro constituent.


But the two Sallah and Eid celebration he celebrated them somewhere not in Toro and COVID-19 pandemic come no any support or any concerns towards Toro people.


No single bill has been sponsored by him in the 9th Assembly Abuja as a member.


Toro federal constituency has cried out for scholarship but none was available, the health sector needs drugs and some support he did nothing towards that.


But of recent, we saw him a posting by his page on Facebook saying he distribute palliatives and Sallah support everywhere in Toro federal constituency which is a capital lies.


Only a few boreholes he repaired, not constructing new ones and a two classroom blocks he built and a purchase of one school bus before becoming Honorable.


All house members have shown their one year project in office but he refused to show Toro federal constituency what he did in his first year so Toro youths are urging him to do so with immediate effect.


He promised to build constituency offices if voted into office but nothing has done up to now.


He further sacked his Directors, he pastes in his office door in the national assembly no visit without an audience and he is the first House member to do so in the 9th assembly, and he is not picking his SA, PA, Directors, and everybody calls in Toro federal constituency for more than 11 months.


He keeps traveling outside countries time without number most especially during national assembly recess or any break not coming to his constituency and he cut all the communication gap with Toro.


His 5 legislative Aids from National Assembly Service Commission only one is an indigenous of Toro federal constituency the remaining all are from other’s state and the only Toro indigene is his uncle we don’t need family and friends leader’s, please.



He only considered APC in all his doing not knowing is not only APC that vote him into power , Toro federal constituency we are tired of zero representation


The moment you’re trying to call his attention to correct his mistake he will kindly block the communication gaps.



We complained of such seat warming in our previous House members who is now Senator representing Bauchi South who is a less good than him which zero representation fails him



His aides where paid #5,000 monthly and three months no salary for them until August when he came he paid some.



He listens to no one in Toro federal constituency no one that can address him that he would not listen, between him and the party he did nothing to the party and party executives and delegates.



Only snapping pictures in the national assembly no motion move,  no works in his constituency


He even doesn’t know how many polling units we have in Toro federal constituency and he never visited them in his lifetime



He claimed he has a national backup that’s why he is doing whatever he likes.


APC has failed us since 2015 to date in Toro federal constituency so no more addition in 2023 if necessary measures have been taking.


Meanwhile reacting on behalf of the boss, one the Toro aide Mr. Zayyanu Mato told this medium that, he is aware of one Umar Tilde a foreigner in Toro who migrated from  Plateau state and is causing problems.


According to him, the member has ordered security personnel to effect an arrest on the  Arc Tilde Umar and they are battle ready to deal with him.


He explained  further  that,”  you  should  disregard this  information  because it’s  an information  that lacks substance, kind fact, that  may not warrant it to be a Justification in the eye  of people, it’s baseless information that  you  should ”

All efforts to speak to the Lawmaker proved abortive as he didn’t answer his calls.


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