Tony O. Elumelu, Leads The African Private Sector Agenda At The 2015 World Economic Forum

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Nigerian Business Leader and Philanthropist, Tony O. Elumelu, CONwill be a leading voice highlighting the African private sector agenda at the upcoming World Economic Forum (WEF).Mr. Elumelu has been invited to speak on several high-level panels and will host key events during the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, themed “The New Global Context.”
WEF 2015 will gather more than 2,500 participants from 140 countries, hundreds of journalists, an estimated 40 heads of state, and other politicians. An estimated 1,500 business leaders from the world’s top global companies will also be in attendance.
Africa is engaging more strategically and proactively than ever before at WEF. At a time when new leadership is required to address increasingly complex and interlinked global problems; a new set of people are stepping up to contribute. The complex, volatile, interconnected nature of the world’s economies and societies, means that Africa can be both the source and the solution to many of these issues.
The event which will be holding in Davos, Switzerland  will January 21- 24 2015 and the list of panels below and hosted events are the one which Mr.Elumelu will participate, they are Confronting the Challenge of Catastrophic Outbreak Panel, What critical lessons can be learned from the 2014 Ebola outbreak to prepare us for the future?
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The Panelists are : Alpha Condé, President of Guinea; Tony O. Elumelu, Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation; Seth F. Berkley, Chief Executive Officer, GAVI; Margaret Chan Director-GeneralWorld Health Organization (WHO)
There is also Closing the Energy Gap in Africa Panel; Exploration of how innovative financing mechanisms combined with regulatory and policy interventions can provide sustainable energy in Africa. The Panelists: Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire; Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, President of the Republic of Mali; John DramaniMahama, President of Ghana;  Tony O. Elumelu, Chairman, Heirs Holdings
There will be Unlocking Global Institutional Capital for Africa co-Hosted by Tony O. Elumelu, CONand Aliko Dangote. The Invitees include global and African CEO’s from the world’s biggest companies and brands, as well as potential investors and key international business partners  and policy makers.
Mr. Elumelu is on [email protected] TonyOElumelu Please follow the hashtag #AfricaAtDavosto stay informed of the African agenda during the World Economic Forum 2015.

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