Threat Of Parallel Government: APC Plans Arab Spring – PDP, Says Oyegun’s Statement Treasonable

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Our attention has been drawn to an open threat by the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun to institute a parallel government should his party lose the 2015 general elections.
Nigerians need to be reminded that the APC’s understanding of ‘rigging’ is where they lose election. Whenever they win as was the case in Edo, it is free and fair.

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It is a globally acknowledged fact that shadow or parallel governments have no place in a Presidential system. Therefore, the threat to institute such is nothing short of implementing the agenda to destabilize and collapse the democratic system and institute a reign of anarchy.
The statement by the APC National Chairman therefore has confirmed our position that the APC is not planning for the 2015 election but an overthrow of a democratically elected government having realized that they cannot and will not win in the general elections.
The pronouncement confirms that the APC is indeed promoting a Janjaweed ideology and further reinforces the long held suspicion that they have been holding meetings outside the country to enact an Arab Spring as a means to forcefully take over power when it loses in 2015.
This explains why they have been making inflammatory statements and publishing negative advertorials and articles in local and foreign media to incite Nigerians, embolden insurgents and stir hatred and division among the populace while balkanizing the nation along its fault lines.
All the pockets of anti-government protests and calls for civil disobedience in parts of the country bear the imprints of the APC and are geared towards cultivating a fertile ground for them to unleash a reign of terror against the country.
The importation of thugs to cause confusion in elections including in Anambra, Ekiti and now Osun state are all part of the plot to discredit the electoral system and truncate the 2015 elections.
The attacks on institutions of government including the judiciary and the security agencies are all part of the larger plot to weaken government systems and make them vulnerable and powerless and set the stage for the materialization of their ignoble plans.
Nigerians are also aware of the hiring of foreign consultants by the APC to tarnish the image of the country abroad, as a means to gain foreign support when they eventually strike.
We therefore call on Nigerians to be ready to defend their hard earned democracy and protect it from encircling vultures who are hell-bent at taking us back to the dark ages.
Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary.

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