There Is No Crisis In Abuja Investments Company Ltd– Management

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The Abuja Investments Company Limited (AICL) has reacted to what it described as sponsored campaigns of mischief and falsehood in some local and national dailies titled; Crisis rocks Abuja Investments Company Limited.

According to a statement by Mrs. Omobolanle Olatunde, Member IMT/ Head, Corporate Services, there was no plan to sack 80% of the workforce as claimed by the publications.

She states further, “For the avoidance of doubt, there is no crisis rocking Abuja Investments Company Limited and there was never any such plan to sack 80 % of the about 60 people work force as claimed by the faceless sponsors of these wicked and malicious publications.

“Also, the Interim Management Team of AICL has never lobbied or requested the Board to appoint or confirm it as the substantive management team of AICL.

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“This campaign of calumny is the handiwork of some desperate individuals with life-long ambition of taking over the leadership of the company in order to avert legal prosecution over their various roles in bringing the company to its knees.

“Such individuals incited some staff to create tension at the time the Board meeting was taking place in order to embarrass the members and the IMT. They circulated outrightly false and jejune information that 80% of the staff was being considered for retrenchment due to idleness and incompetence.

“But for the timely intervention of armed police men, the cajoled staff even attempted to physically attack members of the Board.

“It has become imperative for us to set the records straight because lies told repeatedly and severally can be mistaken for the truth. We want the investing public as well as the business community to know that these malicious acts of desperation and attempts by some staff who are under EFCC investigations for corrupt practices and who are also being investigated by the relevant security agencies for inciting staff and intimidating the newly constituted Board are strictly for selfish reasons.

“As the investment holding company for the FCTA, AICL wishes to urge its customers and the general public to disregard spurious claims, fake petitions and unfounded reports by a few paid writers who obviously acting out the scripts of lawless individuals rushed to the press without verifying the facts.

“We also wish to let the general public know that this ugly development has been reported to the FCT Administration.”

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