Theological College Of Northern Nigeria Raises Alarm Over Nude Dressing In Churches

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By Yakubu Busari,Jos

Theological College of Northern NigeriaA Guest speaker, Most Rev. (Dr) Nemuel Babba has raised alarm   challenging   churches on nude dressing to avoid foreign lifestyle of indecency and do away with worship of idols within their congregation.

He advised Christians to see the church and also   to invest in economic ventures that can bring succour to the masses.

Speaking at the 50th graduation of Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN) ,on the Church and challenges of globalization.

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Dr Babba revealed that the church is under a serious thread of globalization and is in dare need of men and women who can stand in the gap and preserve sound Biblical doctrines, teach and live same in the face of global changing moral and values.

He condemned the act of clubbing where men sleep with possibly HIV/AIDS infected including international human trafficking and prostitution which is a norm in some communities, the church also condemned gay marriage which has become a norm in many parts of the world today.

“We are having our share of their menace in TEKAN were our churches are burnt down, people are killed properties of Christians and Christian institution destroyed or looted “,he explained.

Babba noted that the church which is part of the global community and is confronted with some of these challenges has the potentials to tackle the challenges pose by globalization such as poverty ,anxiety from inequality and solitude in a way that Government and international organization cannot .

He lamented that ,” new possibilities and new risk arising from globalization must be faced with broadest possible agreements among Nation ..Globalization is an opportunity to create a network of understanding and solidarity among people or pragmatic exchange.

Dr Babba pointed out that “there is a huge problem of poverty and marginalization which represent an urgent challenge for leaders (who you are) and those in charge of public institution.

The church according to him, consider charity to be an essential dimension of her being and her mission as such, selflessly demonstrate her concern for the needy of all conditions and origin,’adding, in this task ,he said the church should collaborate with various entities and public institutions so that no one seeking support may be lacking a friendly hand to help them overcome their difficulties .

Earlier in his opening remark, Rev Prof. Tersur Aben  said the church women dress half naked and many got infected with sexually transmitted diseases .

He said 180 graduated in various courses in characters and learning were awarded certificate of theological college of northern Nigeria which a degree program.

The provost disclosed that TCNN has introduced NCE program in affiliation with the college of Education Gindiri, and Ph.D program with two students on research at University of Copenhagen for a semester.

Aben urged Nigerian to rise and condemned injustice, indecency and moral degradation, the voice of the church must be collectively heard speaking for the good of the poor and the needy.

He stressed further that to cushion the effect of terror, hunger and injustice; we need to walk together because one cannot do it alone.

Aben explained that hospitality and charity is a tool at our disposal; use it to better the lot of the society since we cannot stymie it completely.

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