The Sorry And The Decaying State Of Doma Abattoir In Nasarawa ( See Photos)

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Rabiu Omaku


A visit to Doma Abattoir shows by a visitor for the first time will make you know that it is a complete eyesore and if stringent measures are not taken the community would soon experience an outbreak of a killer disease due to the unhygienic condition.


The inhabitant was surrounded with faeces from neighboring houses which lied at the hilltop of a breeding ground for rodents called Abattoir with the absence of tap water to flush out maggots, bloodstains on the floor after the day activities while butchers inside the Abattoir were busy with footwear while carrying out their businesses.

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The Abattoir is also lacking slaughter slab, passage for waste material, this is another call for concern while butchers are left under a scorching sun.

There is a total disconnection of the Local Government Authority and Health inspectors that supposed to inspect the health status of every livestock brought to the slaughterhouse on a daily basis.


Everything was grounded to a halt as no health protocol was followed to ensure a hygienic environment in the comatose abattoir.

Is no longer news that complaints have continued to trail the influx of unhealthy meat in the Abattoir, that is either sick livestock or those attacked by a snake or under age cattle are brought to the abattoir which is at the outskirt of Doma making it possible for those perpetrating heinous criminality against humanity to continue without any monitoring by the relaxed heads of veterinary in the locality.


The Paramount ruler of Doma, Alhaji. Ahmadu Aliyu Ogah when contacted declined to comment but ordered the appearance of the Chairman of Butchers Association, Ismaila Adamu to appear before the palace for more explanation.


A member representing Doma North constituency, Hon. Salihu Musa Iyimoga during an exclusive interview expressed concern over the situation, promising to bring succor to the comatose Abattoir.


“I commit myself in the first place to build an Abattoir but with the two in place and I don’t want us to replicate three projects in a place, that is really what is slowing down my intention but I will make sure I do something for the main time before the completion of the modern Abattoir that was started by my senior colleague at the National Assembly, Hon. Nalaraba”.

The lawmaker said he would do his possible best to give a lifeline to the dearth slaughterhouse so as to avoid an outbreak of strange disease.


The Chairman of Butchers Association, Doma Local Government, Ismaila Adamu in an interview lamented over the way and manner things are going on in the Association.


According to him, “I just assumed office last three weeks and what I inherited in our coffers is not up to N700, this paralyzed my commitment”.


“Time is over for those slaughtering infected cows at our Abattoir”,


He promised to sanitize the Association within the shortest time.

The Chairman of Doma Local Government, Honorable Rabo Sani during an inspection of the new Abattoir conceived by the member Federal House of  Representatives representing Awe/Doma/Keana at the National Assembly, Hon Hassan Nalaraba which is still at the foundation stage, and the first Abattoir build and abandoned by former Interim Managemen Committee Chairman, John Ogah is at fifteen percent stage.


Rabo Sani explained that the Local Government is facing constraints with the kick-off of the modern Abattoir by Hon. Hassan Nalaraba.


He said the Council’s major preponderances is paucity funds to complete the modern Abattoir. gathered that the Royal father, Alhaji. Ahmadu Aliyu Ogah committed some resources for the filling and repair of the open well in the premises so as to end the overflowing of waste from surrounding houses into the only well which is used as the only source of water for the washing of meat in the slaughterhouse.


The Member Federal House of Representatives representing Awe/Doma/Keana, Hon Nalaraba could not be reached for comment over the reason that led to the delay in the completion of the project.

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