The Resolution Of Nigerians To Vote Buhari By Eneh John

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The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. -Norman Peale
In reference to the above, the present federal government have been ruined by sycophants who will rather rain praises on the government and feed their pockets fat than tell the administration the truth.
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Critics  of the government have been hunted and maligned either through the security apparatus or the state force.
The likes of Femi Kayode,Doyin Okupe,Labaran Maku have all done damage to the government than good.
Goodluck Jonathan before his choice of Femi as his PDP presidential campaign media spokesman, had so much of  chances in the forthcoming elections, but all that is gone.
The day the All Progressives Congress(APC) held her primaries in the open, that was the day they won the hearts of Nigerians.
That was the same day the tide was turned.
That was the day hope for our democracy was restored.
That was the day that heralded a new beginning in our political landscape.
In as much as I don’t hold brief for APC neither the PDP, we must state the obvious.
 As the wake to decide the destiny of this country beckons in the reverse order, months turned into weeks, weeks into days, and now February 14 is almost here with us.
With the high level of propaganda machine oiled against Buhari, Nigerians become more resolute in their quest to cause a change in  government at the centre.
Although the word CHANGE has been so abused and misused that we can no longer differentiate if its the ‘conductor change’ or the change Obama once promised Americans.
Be that as it may, both the PDP and the APC use the word irrespective of the context it is applied.
I have all the way expected that PDP will dwell on issues and stop concentrating their campaign on Buhari.
But everyday, we awake to meet one story or the other that instead of achieving the expected propaganda result for PDP, it will rather promote the Buhari candidature.
From ‘no certificate’, ‘ he killed’, ‘he jailed’, ‘he will die soon’, ‘he is too old’, he lost his daughters,he did this and that,etc.
All of these has not changed a single vote that should go to him.
The online poll conducted by AIT which is owned by Raymond Dokpesi, Goodluck Jonathan’s ally, is a clear testimony to this article.
It will take special intervention for Nigerians who are bent on voting for Buhari to change their minds.
What I would rather advise the PDP to do is to keep their left over voters intact instead of losing them again to a publicity against Buhari that has not yielded positive results.
The sympathy for a Buhari presidency grows like wild fire everyday.
I will not fail to crop a part of one of my articles that read, “THANK GOD GOODLUCK JONATHAN HAS SHOES IN 2015.”
We go into the presidential elections with the two frontline candidates having their shoes intact whether sized or oversized, we know there is a shoe.
My fear for the Buhari presidency is, if  press freedom will still exist?
That is not to mean that under Goodluck Jonathan, journalists from Leadership Newspaper were not charged to court in the discharge of their professional job.
They have rather taken over the publicity job from the APC media team and promote Buhari with their money on both print, online and broadcast media.
For how long will the PDP continue to promote hate among Nigerians with their documentary against a man Nigerians have come to love and accept in spite of his past?
It is time for PDP to restrategize and promote governance and her presidential candidate.
Are they still more lies to be told about Buhari?
Nigerians await!


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