The Herculean Task Of Governor Al-Makura’s Rebuilding Process And The Insolvency Of Nasarawa State By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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The intermittent effort of Nasarawa state Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura  to rebuild public properties (utilities) destroyed aftermath of ethnic and communal conflict is an Achilles heels to the incumbent chief executive, Reason been that the promises to rebuild and rehabilitate process would not succeed.
Al-Makura’s process of reconstruction of primary and secondary schools, court, palaces, Primary Health Care and worship places is a pain on the neck of the present governor, The uphill task of governor Al-Makura to settled February salary through the collection of temporary overdraft is slap on the side of the governor.
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The effort of resettling the Internally Displaced Persons to their permanent abode is an effort at the right direction, The financial status of Nasarawa state would not allow for the execution of projects which are extra burden vested on the shoulder of the state government which was grappling with grim situation to pay the new minimum wage of N18,900 .
The worst of all was the recent approval by the Nasarawa state House of Assembly to passed into law the payment of pension and gratuity to ex-governors, Deputies, former speakers and Deputy speakers respectively.
Effect of Ethnic and Communal Conflict in Nasarawa state
Tax-payers money that was meant to procured transformers and construct new classrooms would be diverted to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools, health care facilities drawing the state in a reverse order.
Reduction In Population
No doubt there is a  drift in population of the state, The recent visit of governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura  to the crisis prone zone, The ethnic and communal clash  has reduced the population of the state especially the war torn communities of Ugah,Tungan Daudu,Fadaman Bauna South and Fadaman Bauna North and Abulagu are ghost towns.
Other deserted communities if not the presence of the governor’s convey are Ekposogye,Laga Obi,Tudun Odubu while Agwan Hamidu,Gidan Gambo witness low population of returnees to their permanent place of abode.
Confidence Lost Among The Diverse Ethnic Groups
There is lost of relationship among the different ethnic groups in the state, The present crisis would frustrate the intermarriage that exist among Bare-bari ,Alago,Eggon,Ake,Gwandara,Bom,Rindre amongst others.
Socio-economic Activities Grounded To A Halt
Socio-economic activities ranging from farming, business activities were grounded to a halt, It also affect the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state as the state witness mass exodus of people to a safer place.
Drop In The Enrollment Of Children
The recent crisis has serious effect on the  future of children in the state,The destruction of schools ranging from secondary and primary schools has adverse impact on the lives of younger generation ,No fewer than 20,000 students and pupils are out of schools.
Famine and Hunger May Looms
Farming been the predominant occupation of the state is at risk, reasons been that over forty communities were displaced  and farm produce destroyed, The state may face famine, hunger and starvation, Fadaman Bauna South, Fadaman Bauna North and Fadaman Isa,Tungan Daudu,Bassa,Gidan Kiki, Yelwan Bassa,Ruwan Doma which produce large rice farming  are deserted communities.
Ways To Avert Ethnic and Communal Crisis
Disarmament of militant group
This should be the topmost priority of the Joint Task Force by embarking on house to house search of weapon of massive destruction; If this is done all is well.
Implementation Of Judicial Commission Of Inquiry Report
The implementation of the recommendation of the commission of Inquiry into Alakyo crisis and other matters there connected with by prosecuting people indicted for sponsoring and financing Ombotse group would go a long way in proffering lasting solution to  future outbreak of any crisis, The delay in the prosecution of those involved in the cacophony would serve as a deterrent to others.
House Of Assembly and Governor Should Approve The Establishment Of Peace And Conflict Resolution Commission
The establishment of Peace and Conflict Resolution Commission would go a long way in curbing the outbreak of renewed ethnic and communal violence, The commission is to comprises of all stakeholders, tribes and clerics, National Assembly members and state legislators should be part of the peace process.
The state Government Should Beam Her Searchlight on the Content of Legal Notice Number 4 Banning All Militia Activities
Low Returnees Of IDP’s To Their Homes
The recent visit of governor Al-Makura to the conflict zone is an eye opener that mostly displaced persons from the crisis prone communities are not ready to return to their homes, The reasons may not be farfetched from the devastation meted on the affected villages.
If the holistic effort of governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to avert future skirmishes is anything to go by then, He deserved a commendation for resettling the affected victims ,The frantic measure of distributing 150 trailer of cement,100 sheets of zinc, mattresses and foodstuff is a bold step worthy of emulation.
The giant stride can go a long way in tackling the plight of the affected communities.
The most disturbing of all was the lack of interest by the people to return to the troubled communities.
The success story of the resettlement was that the presence of military formation is enough to encourage the people to return home and start their daily activities.
Immediate Needs Of The Returnees
Shortage Of Drinking Water ,wells in majority of villages affected are lacking of drinking water, reasons been that vast of the open wells serves as dumping ground for human corpses, And to sustain the fragile peace and encourage the return back of the resettlers the state government should prior attention

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