The Facade Of A School Of Health Technology Manned By Sole Administrator

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Rabiu Omaku

Even with the presence of competent hand to man the activities of the State-owned School of Health Technology, Keffi, the Institution has continued to be managed by a Sole Administrator for over two years now.


Insiders who are conversant with the daily running of the School continued to express grief with the way and manner the head of SHT is running the affairs of the Institution.


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This single act seriously affects the enrollment of students who preferred going to a private Health Institution, School of Health, Technology, Lafia, owned by some selected and retired staff of the dying Institution.


A reliable source from SHT, Keffi established that the then-governor appointed a Senior Special Assistant to the governor on SHT, Keffi and later on re-appointed him as the Sole Administrator in spite of qualified and permanent staff of the school.


Feelers stated that the appointment was made without any screening by the State House of Assembly and was resisted with a series of complaint


A top management staff of SHT, Keffi asked whether the School is guided by an Act which gave room for the appointment of S.S.A or S.A as he further inquired to know whether the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, College of Agriculture, Lafia, College of Education, Akwanga and Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic, Lafia has the same offices existing.


It was gathered that even if there is the SSA or S.A he supposed to head the institution from the State Ministry of Health or operating at Government House as it was obtainable in some places.


Fresh facts have emerged that even after the exit of his appointee, Al-Makura and the dissolution of all appointees, the School was still under the control of SSA while others called him S.A to the governor on School of Health matters.


An insider hinted that the appointment and the stay of S.A in the School was an aberration of an Act establishing the School saying before someone will head College or School of Health, Technology he or she must have 15 years working experience, if the person is not up to 15 years in service then most have master’s degree in related discipline.


A source said Suleiman A Muhammad has never taught in any Health Institution, the current situation of the School which ranged from maladroit of teachers, insecurity, and absence of basic needs to run the School lead to the sharp drop of students.


Other reasons of the daunting challenges of SHT, Keffi was the existence of cabal from Government House, the State Ministry of Health and the handwork of the former physician to the governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura and now Executive Chairman of the Nasarawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr. Mohammed Usman Adis whose action was to cripple the State-owned SHT, Keffi and to rejuvenate their private enterprise, the SHT, Lafia.


The School of Health Technology, Keffi barely twenty years of existence, some core courses are lacking accreditations especially those newly introduced courses which were a replica of what is happening in SHT, Lafia a School that is very expressive for students yet some major courses lack base.


It was uncovered that the office of Vice Principal administration is empty, and he is begging to be given the position but the man refused, at the same time HOD was given to his junior instead of him.


The vice-principal academics of the school have just a diploma certificate, but the man who supposed to be the principal is having master’s degree is not holding any position.


In the School, positions are not rotational one person stays in office for more than ten years, and other staff who are capable to be HOD and other positions were relegated to the background.


The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Ishaku Abari in an interview asserted that the appointment of Sole Administrator was meant to forestall normalcy in the Institution which he said was marred by maladministration.

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