The Decadence Of Leadership At F.M.C. Azare

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The hope of every good society is to see positive developmental changes coming to settle down and influence the lives of such community. The establishment of the Federal Medical Center (F.M.C) in Azare town of Bauchi state brings about numerous developments, starting from expansion of the town as a result of building many structures such as various departments, wards both of males and females, building of new site of the F.M.C popularly known as “BAMAKO”, provision of modern heath facilitie/machines, many consultants and other qualified doctors, nurses, laboratory attendants, cleaners, gardeners, security personnel and building of staff quarters.

The centre witnessed successful transition from one administration to the other from the days of the first CMD late Dr. Sabo Mohammed Yala, Dr. Umar Faruq Ibrahim oon, Dr. Nasir Ibrahim, Late Dr. Musa Muhammad Dambam. But it started deteriorating during the presence administration of Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim. Series of strikes took place starting from the one of the resident doctors, nurses and that of other staff. Several petitions were written against him. Protest were organised by the people of Azare town due to an increase in hospital charges. He is always disregarding anyone working under him and unnecessary changing existing policies without any need for it in department. For example, conducting of promotional examination without informing or inviting the Head of the department to participate, which was against the norms of the previous administration where all stakeholders are involved. There was redeployment of staff in the SERVICOM unit without the knowledge of the nodal person in charge. This again violates the principle of good governance and better services which is capable of destroying an existing system that is working especially where the changes so introduced does not add any positive value, neither does it conform with global best practices but to satisfy his ego as a Medical Director. (We must stand to defend global best practices)

 We cannot continue like this. Remember the incidents in other tertiary health institutions such as FMC Owoh, FMC Owerri, FMC Asaba, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) etc, to mention but just a few. The stories remained the same and it started with their Medical Director/ Chief Medical Directors in the same manner and the outcome left bitter taste than you can ever imagined. Hence experience is the best teacher and a stitche on time saves nine.

From the forgoing, I dare say Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim though qualified to hold the position of Medical Director lacks the cognate experience, perhaps there is absolute need to review his appointment or his remaining tenure must be put under close supervision, before he plunge FMC Azare into similar pathway found in the few tertiary health institutions aforementioned, if otherwise, HE MUST BE CALLED TO ORDER.

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