The Armed Invasion Of Mubi

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The fall of Mubi to the radical, extremist Islamist sect Boko Haram is a set of indictments. Mubi was the second largest city in Adamawa State until today, when much of the population was fleeing. They doubtless have metamorphosed themselves to al-Qaeda affiliate in pursuit of territorial ambition and as it is every machinery must be put in place to prevail on the President to commit the national army to recapture the town from these invading marauders.
While we may suggest this to the president but we must also remind the authorities in Nigeria to look beyond Nigeria for a lasting solution to the Boko Haram scourge. President George W. Bush saw red immediately after the 9/11 attacks and resolved to pursue the terrorists beyond America’s territorial borders. No force on earth deterred him from doing this in spite of the ranting  from other world leaders , one would say he went, he saw and he  conquered and today we have a very safe and even safer United States. I think this is worth taking our cue from if these band of marauders and sponsors must be brought to their kneels.
By invading, occupying, weakening and looting Mubi , the militants have doubtless not only destroyed the economy of that region but their invasion have also provoked religious and ethnic divisions and this forebodes nothing but devastation. I hasten to say that the difficulty our national army is having with keeping the north east is better blamed on those who swore to make the country ungovernable but if I dare say none of their political ambitions is worth the blood of any Nigerian. Our nation’s changed circumstances are also an indictment of the irresponsible use to which some money bags of northern extraction and elsewhere in the region are putting their riches.
The fall of Mubi is also an indictment of the Nigerian army, which is well equipped and some of its troops well trained , and which seems to have just run away from Boko Haram, allowing some heavy weapons to fall into their hands. Boko Haram and their secret sponsors dream of a sovereign Islamic state. Many want to implement a fundamentalist vision of Islamic law where there would be no place for non-Muslims. This must stop and they must all be read the Riot Act no matter whose ox is gored.
Our comrade-in-politics who sit on the other side of the table do nothing to resolve this devastating dispute and ameliorate this crises.  What Nigeria urgently stands in need of are  constructive criticisms from these afore-mentioned men who have resolved to make themselves enemies of this administration not inciteful remarks to further heat up the polity. I’m amazed at how natural it is to criticize, condemn and complain. As we converse, it is expected that we spend most of our time complaining about our present circumstances and the incompetence of the people around us. It seems as if most of our social interactions consist of this ridiculous ritual that accomplishes nothing. We don’t leave these conversations feeling better about ourselves, nor do they do anything to improve the situation. This is what  Nigerians and our men in the mainstream opposition must know.
It is a thousand pities these men who  aspire  to lead again have resorted to  gospel of hate  in stead of extending a helping hand. Solutions to teething problems of this magnitude  are not found the way such problems were swiftly created via careless utterances  and the like  which  these men  are  good at. Such criticisms have often been taken abroad to incite the international community against the authorities at home. This is not only deceitful but also traitorous ,  actionable and  punishable.
To criticize  with malice afore-thought , wilfully and deliberately  if you ask me, does not yield any fruitful dividend. The only tangible thing it does is to put one on the defensive doubtless to justify oneself. Does it help in any way if one may ask   again? No! It only hurts one’s sense of importance  and arouses resentment and this must be refrained from if they are ever to be taken seriously. Enough damage has  been done by provocative statements which serve as nothing but   morale booster to these tribe of armed terrorist gang who daily unleash terror on defenceless Nigerians in that part of the country.
So all in all,  the  ”successful” armed invasion of Mubi  is a dramatically daring military operation . It has only established a milestone in the history of warfare by demonstrating the seeming incompetence    of our comrade-in-arms. Our national army must be purged of traitors and saboteurs    and all those who   are  either by acts of omission or commission in sympathy with the  Islamist sect Boko Haram  if this war is to be won.
Iyoha John Darlington, aka Lington Donovan writes from Turin, Italy.

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