Tension And Fear Grips Yola Residents Over Boko Haram Attack Of Maiduguri By Tom Garba ,Yola

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The constant attacks unleashed in Maiduguri the Borno State capital by the members of Boko Haram in recent times is instigating a lot of fears in the minds of so many residents of Jimeta and Yola in Adamawa.
Yola which borders north of Maiduguri has the same insecurity challenges that has been bedevilling the entire northeast states, the attack launched last three days by insurgents in attempt to capture Maiduguri is creating  a serious tension in Yola, as many residents are seen packing out of the state for more safer areas.
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Chinedu an Igbo business man who reside in Janbutu an outskirt town in Jimeta who was seen packing out of the state narrated the ugly experience he had during the last pandemonium situation that almost send everyone packing in Yola when insurgents captured about 7seven LGAs in Adamawa state, being an internally displaced person from Mubi that trekked for more than 4 days to Cameroon before been repatriated back to Nigeria said he cannot withstand another suffering again that might end his life.
“Is better I go back to my place in the East, it was exactly what happened the other time ,like joke they told us that they are in Gwaoza coming, some say it cannot be, at the end up the day it turned up to be,” Chinedu said
Before the uproar of the Maiduguri rumors , many none indigene are already leaving the state until after February elections that will determine their coming back.
“Election is coming and body will know the state of the nation until after the election, so I am going before the election  to avoid any problem, this election is pregnant no body know what it will deliver,” Chinedu added.
Our reporter gathered that there is an increase of vehicle loading to the eastern and southern part of the country on a daily basis for fear of any post elections violence.
The leader of Angwan Damilu in Jimeta,Mallam Nuhu Abubakar asserted that the  insecurity issue in the state is affecting the interrelationships we have being enjoying with our neighbours and brother of other religion, as he said many residents of his area especially the Igbo are leaving the state.
“Look at the whole Damilu that use to be lively but this few days the area is getting empty, this Maiduguri attacks is making people to run away for fear of another attack in Yola” Nuhu said

The security agents in  Yola seems to be in a very high alert as a lot of surveillance patrol vehicles are seen parading the city, while aircrafts on special assignments are always on active duty.

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