Taura Primary Health Center In Jigawa Now Center Of Extortion From Pregnant Women In Labour-Investigation

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Usman Abubakar Babura

Staffs of the maternity unit of the Taura local government area of Jigawa state primary health care Center [PHC] are allegedly involved deeply in extorting money from pregnant women whenever they come to healthcare center for delivery. This medium findings revealed that at the center of the extortion ring is the head of the unit one Hajiya Saratu with the consent of the officer in charge of the center Malam Mustapha Majia.

Investigation by our correspondent who visited Taura town showed that the Midwife in charge Hajiya Saratu whenever a pregnant woman is in labour was brought to the health care center for delivery, she collects between N2500.00 to N3000.00 as fees despite the fact the Jigawa state government madeit mandatory that pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children blow the age of  five should be treated free of charge but the overzealous Midwife went go against this order and  collects the money and tells them if they don’t pay they will be abandoned.

Some of the affected persons who confided in this reporter said they paid money before their wives and relatives were treated, one of them Muhammad Bulhanu Kangal disclosed that when he brought his wife while in labour , he was charged the sum of N2500.00 but paid  the sum of N2200.00, before she was accepted by the head of maternity unit, adding that by the time he brought the balance, his wife went into coma and gave birth to dead baby.

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‘’One Hassana Adigir , I brought my sister  while in labour , but I was asked to pay money before  she was accepted for safe delivery by same Saratu  and I was forced to pay  some money  after which  I paid , my wife was treated and delivered successfully and safely, he stated.

Another victim who did want his name in print ,told our correspondent that when he brought his wife , for antenatal, the unit head of maternity  wrote a prescription  charged him N700.00  saying that he gave her the sum of #500.00, but she refuse to collect it until when he paid the balance.

According to one Abdul mumini Rabiu Isah , there was one pregnant deaf woman, who was in labour , he brought  her  to the hospital for treatment , but the Hajiya saratu attempted to collect money from him in respect of the patient , but he resisted and the woman delivered twins safely.

Findings by the our correspondent revealed that the nurse some persons who fronts for her and collect charges from patients on  her behalf  with the consent and approval of the officer in charge Malam Mustpha Majiya  a situation which indicated clearly that  they  were sabotaging the  directive and efforts of the government of Badaru Abubaakar of prodviding free medical services to the people of Jigawa state.

When contacted , the suspect, Hajiya Saratu said, ‘’please you may wish to contact the officer in charge first , after  he talks then, I will respond to your questions and let me inform him ,he is holding  meeting with staff, but you can wait in his office,’’ she pointed said.

Also speaking , the officer in charge of the hospital, Malam Mustpah Majia , said,’’ I am  the in charge, I’m very busy now ,may I know who you are, and your contact, maybe some other time or tomorrow, he said rudely and harshly.

When also contacted, the public relations office of the state Ministry of health Musa Aliyu Kaugam said  the commissioner  has said that he will investigate the matter, and over two weeks up to the time filing in this report there has not been any comment from them.

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