Taming The Two Death Merchants

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The world is again sitting on a precarious ladder and we are all aware of how the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were sunk by dangerously powerful explosives.

North Korea Kim Jon Jong-un is known for his tantrums and fits while Donald Trump, the President of the world’s most powerful country is an extremely driven character prone to mood swings and temper tantrums. Be that as it may, Kim Yong has been told in no uncertain terms to give up the country’s nuclear programme but he has defiantly continued and consistently threatened to hit the US with missiles with nuclear warheads capable of incinerating all life’s forms.

The rogue nation of North Korea has defied the Supra-national authority, went ahead and tested inter-continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) with nuke fitted on its warhead designed to hit the US mainland.

This is a very dangerous trend and the Hermit Kingdom has also consistently acted in sheer contravention of the United Nations resolutions which prompted the UN Security Council to unanimously approve crushing sanction against the rogue regime.

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As the world hangs precariously on a ladder at the mercy of the two nuke power nations which exchange verbal attacks engaging each other in  insipid, sophomoric rhetoric, it is only advisable for North Korea allies to act now in order to save the world the dangers of another nuclear Holocaust because in the event of hostilities, there is no nation under the sun that would not be affected.

There may be a game changer because any nuke dropped in North Korea may likely produce harmful radiations and spread to countries in the region and beyond capable of turning the world into a never-again-to-be-inhabited heap of ruins.

We are, in fact not unaware that the US has vowed to respond with fury and fire should North Korea actualize any of its threats and strike the US with missiles carrying a nuclear warhead. You may rest assured that the US will actually respond to any of such attacks in the strongest form which will trigger off a global catastrophe.

There is also no ruling out the fact that North Korea has developed ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead and would want to test Providence by hitting the Us as he has often said. I think why they really have never carried out their threat is that they do not have any nuclear-powered missile in their arsenal. But if the finding by US officials is anything to go by as reported by the Washington Post that North Korea has actually designed a missile that carries small nuclear warhead then we may all be exposed to a very grave danger as the threat of imminent death obviously hangs over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles.

Thus the ambition and carelessness of two crazy men should not in any way be given a chance to ruin the world. North Kim Yong and US Trump should be summoned by the UN for peace talks before we are all sent to our untimely graves.

I deem this option absolutely necessary because there is no denying the fact the fact that the US is a very powerful nation and North Korea too has a military arsenal which stockpiles very powerful weapons capable of putting civilization in sheer jeopardy.

We know North Korea is no match to the US militarily but that does not underscore the fact that the former cannot cause immense destruction around the world with its weapons in the event of full-blown hostilities.

One would be making a grave mistake by under-rating the Hermit Kingdom in this regard under Kim Jong-un As the two nuke nations point accusing fingers at each other with the threat of imminent nuke war like I did say a while ago, it would be better for other world leaders to intervene with a view to calming frayed nerves by taming the two death merchants as violence and uncertainty hang perilously in the air.

We cannot afford to fold our hands while two men threaten civilization with nukes. All I have ever wanted and stood for is the world without weapons and violence.

Iyoha John Darlington, an opinion leader, social activist, political analyst and a public commentator on national and global issues wrote from Turin, Italy.

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