Takur Community In Dutse, Jigawa State Cries Out Over Establishment Of New Brothel In Their Vicinity By Aminu Ibrahim Dutse

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People living in Takur quarters in Dutse of Jigawa have called on the authority concerned without delay to investigate and stop the allege proposed plan by an individual to site a brothel in the area of the state.

The resident made the called through One Malam Abubakar Jigawa a spoke person of the community who spoke to newsmen shortly after the decision to boot out the speculation and drew the attention of the authority about the allege plan.

Malam Abubakar Jigawa explained that they got wind of the fact that an individual who is not an indigene of the area has bought a land that he is proposing for a brothel.
Mallam Abubakar said that the issue has been widely discussed amongst the inhabitants of the area and arrived at the fact that the brothel must be discontinued as it portends danger to the community rather than the financial gain of an individual.
The community maintained that the alleged propose plan is contrary to Islam, norms and culture of the people in the state, adding that “the state is practicing Sharia (Islamic legal way) and the brothel is contrary to the Islamic legal way”.
He further called on the Special Adviser to the governor on Shari’a implementation and religious matters, Alhaji Isah Ahmed Duniyabahutu to investigate and ensure the stoppage of the building before it is done.
“We do all our best through according to the law to discouraging the construction but the person remained bent on seeing to the execution of his plan”, he emphases.
Adding more light another resident of the area Alhaji Yakubu said citing of the brothel is absolutely wrong as the plan would go contrary to the advantage of the residents of Takur which is a largely residential hub of many workers that lives there with their families”.
Alhaji Yakubu also stated that, “after its completion it would be directly opposite a popular Private co-educational Secondary school in the area and that will definitely contravenes the laws of the land that prohibits the construction of such places within a residential area or close to a school”.
He said apart from the immediate danger it portends to the environment it would also not portray the area in a good way especially with the structures now put in place that would serve as the future residential area of the state house of Assembly members.
He said the community members have written a formal complain to the Dutse Capital Development Authority (DCDA), which ordered for the immediate stoppage of the building only for the workers to resume shortly.
Another resident who sells fried bean cake (Kosai) Hajiya Lami told our reporter that since the proliferation of brothels and hotels in the area Takur has become a hub for prostitutes and other criminals that patronize them.
Hajiya Lami ‘mai kosai’ said she has a grown up daughter that supports her in the frying and selling of her caked beans but unfortunately before her very presence such criminals would be making passes and ridiculous gestures at her while in some occasions they would bemaking attempts to even touch her body”, she stated.
“And look at the way girls come and go into the hotels with their male friends with half clothes on Wallahi they are already influencing our children into such harmful characters”.
When contacted, the ward head of the area said he has been notified of the imminent danger of the brothel to the community and has alerted the district head whom he said has also spoken to DCDA.
He said his hands are tight as he does not have the wherewithal to permit or stop such but can direct their complaints of the people to the right authority that is concerned.
When contacted the DCDA Chairman Alhaji Bashir Aminu told our reporter  that the authority would not spare any person that violated the Dutse capital master plan as such structures would be demolished and the owner would be compelled to pay administrative disturbance charges.

He said even existing hotels and brothels already doing business at Takur would not be allowed to continue with their business adding that, “the Takur area is marked as a highbrow residential area and those that insists in putting up illegal structures are doing so at their own peril”.

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