Stop Blackmailing NEMSA Boss-Group

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A power sector watchdog group, Power Transparency ,has decried the persistent blackmailing of the Managing Director of the Nigeria Electricity Management Services ,Engr Peter Ewezor ,describing the development as reprehensible and handiwork of desperate power seekers.

Reacting to recent developments within the agency, the group in a statement signed by its Director of Advocacy, Barrister Abdulahi Joshua warned that those behind the attacks on the chief executive of NEMSA are angry because of his strict adherence to service rules, anti-corruption and due process in the management of the agency.

“They bandied ridiculous amount as diverted even when the agency started on paltry sum known to all sector watchers. They alleged he bought a house when in fact he rented the apartment. They alleged he diverted money to fund campaign when as at then the agency has no budgetary allocations. It was all phantom lies and concoctions.

“The MD has refused to bend to those who want him to manipulate the system for their advantage. He has refused to endorse anything not in conformity with due process. He has insisted on enforcing the safety codes in the power sector and he has incurred the wrath of many selfish figures.

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“They have been writing all manners of petitions but nothing has been found against this diligent and disciplined public officer. They wrote petition with bogus allegations. Those of us who know Ewezor in the industry can attest to it that that man is a stickler for due process.

“He is the father of the electricity standard agency as he puts all within his powers to ensure the establishment of the agency. Many are angry at him because he ensured the making of NEMSA today. Others are angry at him because he refused to allow corruption within the agency. Some others are eager and desperate to stop his re-appointment, which came to be with God’s intervention.

“We commend President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the re-appointment of Ewezor to strengthen the agency and ensure safety standard within the nation’s power sector. We commend the Commander-in-Chief for seeing through the ploys and plots of detractors who are bitter at the triumph of a man of discipline and due process.

‘We use this medium to alert the public and Nigerians in general to an orchestrated plot to blackmail the main pillar of the power sector, a man who had put his entire life in service of ensuring electricity safety for all Nigerians. We urge Ewezor and his team not to relent and never to succumb to blackmail”, the group concluded.

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