STF Confirms The Arrest Of Some Youths In Jos By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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Six suspected youth were arrested in Jos in connection with the burning PDP Presidential campaign buses in Plateau state.
The Special Task Force (STF), who confirmed the arrest of some youths, and thereafter a police station that was undergoing renovation, was subsequently put on fire by some protesting youths.
The men of the STF, were reported to have gone to Jos-Bauchi Road, where one of the bus was razed and arrested six youths alleging to have took part in the burning of the bus, according an eye witness.
The witness whose identity was not given,  said: “We were sitting down, and selling our goods when an army Pick-up vans came, and the soldiers, said we should enter into the vans, they arrested four of our People, and took them to their place, some of us ran away.”
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He said the soldiers later went back trying to make another arrests of other People then the youths put resistance.
Our correspondent reported that the provoked youths set on fire a police station that was undergoing renovations, and was partially burnt, as stones could also be seen scattered on the main road.
Two buses belonging to President Goodluck Jonathan campaign organization were Saturday evening razed down by some unknown youths, at two separate locations within Jos metropolis.
The 18 seater new Toyota Hummer buses, branded with the PDP and Goodluck logo, were said to be on transits from Abuja to some of the North Eastern States of Nigeria when the youths intercepted them, evacuated the drivers and set the buses a blazed.
It was gathered from an eye witness who spoke on condition of anonymity that the youths, “took advantage of having the drivers, stopped to buy some things, at Mango Street.”
“The youths asked the driver to come down, which he did and had packed all his belongings, after which they let him go unharmed,” the source added.
The second bus was burnt down at the edge of the main bridge, along Jos Bauchi Road.
It was also gathered that the driver of the bus was not harmed.
Reacting on both incidences Media/ Information officer of the Special Task Force (STF), Captain Ikidichi Iweha, said it is true that some youths have, burnt two buses, while on their way, and “we are yet to ascertain the cause of the problem.”
Iweha, said some arrest have been made and everything was brought to calm.
He said: “In the cause of our investigation of those that had burnt down two campaign buses, on Saturday evening,  and on the process of picking up some youths that were involved, some arid youths burnt tyres on the road causing traffic hold, they also set fire on an abandoned police station at Salisu Adamu Junction, but  the fire was put off by our men.”
Iweha further stated that as the political era is on where campaigns will soon be taken place, people should be calm and tolerance, with one another.  

It was calm in Jos, however, the city has witnessed its share during the post election violence of the 2011, general elections, and many people were injured with many homes destroyed.

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