Sterling Bank In N2.4 billion Scandal it allegedly Laundered For Gov.Uduaghan

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Sterling_towerIt is no longer news that Nigeria elites only seek political office to enrich themselves, but what many Nigerians are not aware of is that these government officials do not steal in isolation. They need enablers, such as civil servants and financial institutions to perpetrate their crimes.

Sterling Bank Plc, formerly known as Equatorial Trust Bank Plc has been fingered in a N2.4bn money laundering scheme allegedly involving Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Udughan, former governor of Delta State.

A Delta State group, Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, has petitioned the EFCC accusing the former governor of money laundering and other kinds of financial fraud.

According to the petition which was authored by Comrade Prince Kpokpogri, dated October 22nd 2015, addressed to the Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and  titled: Fraud, Embezzlement and money laundering against ex-governor of Delta State – Dr. Emmanuel Ewata Uduaghan and his mistress, Miss Mowari Juliet Over the sum of 2.4billion Naira: A call for an urgent and dispassionate investigation”.

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Gov. Uduaghan with the active connivance of one Juliet Mowari, a Regional Manager with Sterling Bank, Water Resources Branch, Warri, Delta State siphoned funds belonging to Delta State.

Excerpt of the petition obtained by read: ”Juliet Mowari is the Ex-Governor’s mistress and a laundering agent to Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan who uses her position as a banks regional manager to launder huge amounts of monies via account No. 0310008910 Equitorial Bank PLC, Now Sterling Bank PLC (Hotel Excel Limited, for the Ex-Governor of Delta State). This same mistress has been managing the DESOPADEC account for eight years standing.  And this investigation cannot and will not be completed without the so called mistress of the erstwhile governor as an accomplice.”

“A cursory perusal of the statement of account of Equatorial Bank Bank Plc(now Sterling Bank Plc) Account No:0310008901,Hotel Excel shows that  there was a debit transfer of N1,195,243,176.89 on 9/6/2011 and on 10/06/2011 there was inward cheque(dud cheque) reversal of N1,088,708,501.06.”

The group pointed to several properties allegedly owned by Miss Mowari as proof that she really has been carrying on the shady deals for Uduaghan.

The lists of the properties are:

(a) 10 Units 3 Bedroom flat located at Ibeji GRA.Warri,Delta State.

(b) 20 Units 3 Bedroom flat located at No:4 S. Orugboh Close Off Deeper Life Road,Ubeji, Warri,Delta State.

(c) 16 Units 3 Bedroom flat located at No:2 Ireokane off deeper Life Bible Church, Opp,House On the Rock, Ubeji Warri, Delta State.

(d) 12 Units 3 Bedroom flat located at No:3 Saint Theresa Catholic Church(Behind Tombless Filling Station, Ubeji, Warri, Delta State.

The group further claimed that the house in which Mowari is currently inhabiting which costs 700million Naira along with her custom built Volkswagen Beatle worth 35 million Naira were rewards of the money laundering activities she did on behalf of the former  governor.

The group claimed that the former Governor is trying to muzzle Juliet Mowari to resign from the bank  in order to cover the tracks of the massive fraud.

Consequently, the group called on the anti-graft agency to act swiftly and clamp down on the duo before they can cover their tracks and escape from judgement. The group attached photographs of Mowari’s properties to the petition along with statements of accounts highlighting the alleged shady deals.

Asked about these allegations, Emmanuel Uduaghan in a telephone conversation with our   correspondent, described the petitioners as frauds who had attempted to extort N2bn from him. He said he was ready to face EFCC and that his lawyers are ready to meet the petitioners in court as well.


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  1. Otome Adamidenyo says

    Ex-Gov. Uduaghan, in all as far I am concerned, we all shall end in 6ft. Imagine the whole of Delta State, no motorable roads. No infrastructure that one can boast of as your legacy. God is watching ….

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