States Using COVID-19 To Make Money — Northern Elders

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The Northern Elders Forum has accused states of allegedly playing politics with the Coronavirus Disease that is currently ravaging the world.


The group said this on Thursday in a statement by its President, Prof. Ango Abdullahi.


It noted in particular that the states were playing politics with the number of suspected patients tested for COVID-19 in order to attract more funds from both the Federal Government and foreign donors.


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The statement said: “The forum regrets the appearance of attempts by many state governments to play politics with numbers for what appears to be expectations that more funds from the Federal Government and foreign donors will be allocated to them.


“It is public knowledge that what the entire nation needs are good policies that protect all Nigerians; equipment and facilities for testing and treatment; and resources to support people who will find it hard to stay at home without some palliatives during the lockdown.”

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