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1.On 12th December 2015 the Shiite and Nigeria Army clashed in Zaria. The Zaria skirmish generated protest by members of Shiite sect in many cities in Northern Nigeria.


  1. Local and foreign reports holds that many members of the sects were killed – including the sect leader’s wife, son and deputy leader of the group Sheik Mahmood Turi. Similarly, their headquarters, personal house of the leader Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, and school were demolished by the Army. Again, the Sheik El-Zakzaky was captured and taken to unknown clime by the Army.


  1. It is very clear that the military used disproportionate and unaccountable force in reacting to an incident that started in a Spot called PZ in Sabon Gari Zaria. The magnitude Of lives loss and photos of dead bodies displayed in the old and new media clearly suggests; there were gross violations of human rights by Nigeria Army.


  1. Consequently, CEDRA calls for immediate investigation of the Zaria carnage and state institutions and persons acting under its umbrella responsible for killing of innocent Nigerians prosecuted.


  1. CEDRA also draw the attention of United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHR) to this incident.


Dr. John Danfulani


Kaduna Nigeria

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