SE/SS Network Condemns Nigeria Senate For Rejection Of Resource Control, Devolution Of Power

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The South East ‎South South Network (SESSNet) has condemned Nigerian Senate for voting against the resource control and devolution of power in the country saying it is either restructuring or separation.

The group in statement issued after conclusion of the clause by clause voting on amendment of 1999 Constitution wondered how the senators could kick against the proposals that would have solved the country’s current problem. ‎

Sounding prophetic SESSNet stated: “In view of popular separatist tendencies, especially in the south, it is either Restructuring or Separation. One must be accepted.

“The Senate having rejected restructuring implicitly means that they have voted for separation.

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“Today’s voted merely validated the general belief that politicians are out of touch with the populace and Senate’s decision today has simply added fire to the agitation for self determination by some regions in the country.”


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