Senatorial Aspirant Donates Relieve Materials To Internally Displaced Person By Tom Garba,Yola

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A hoping senator from Adamawa central senatorial districts,Engr Omar Suleiman has donated food items worth millions of Naira to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Gireri and Yola camps which is housing hundreds of the IPDs mostly displaced  from the northern part and central part of  Adamawa State.
The food items handed to the various camp leaders comprises of bags of Rice, cartoons of Spaghetti, Cartoons of Maggi cubes. Others are dozens of detergents, Loaves of bread, packet waters,spices and many other  items.
On delivering the food items Omar said he feels their pain and know exactly how they are feeling, as a human being he consider it a religion and a duty to be more Godly at this moment to share the little he has to them. (IDPs)
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“I feel your pains on a daily basis ,most especially our little ones that are innocent of whatever thing is going around, right now I feel like shedding tears ,please understand that this is just a test of time for every one of us in this country, I believe one day we shall all go back to our various homes.”Suleiman said
The leader of Girei camp,Hudu Ibrahim amidst tears gushing out on his face received the food donation with words of prayers and blessings for Omar describing him a sent man from God to help them at this their trying moment.

“Thank you Omar may God keep and sustain you, since our coming to this camp apart of the Government agencies that have been our help, on individual basis is only you that came here, may the lord remember you for good.”Hudu said

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