Senate Impeachment Saga: Nasarawa State Amirul Hajj Flees To Nigeria As pilgrims Battle For Bed Space

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Rabiu Omaku, Makkah

Abdullahi_AdamuThe Nasarawa state Amirul Hajj to this year’s Hajj exercise Senator Abdullahi Adamu has flee to Nigeria from the Holyland to attend to the ongoing squabbles surrounding the office of the senate president despite the major constraints faced by pilgrims.

The leader of the Nasarawa state delegation was nowhere to be found in preparation to the take-off of the 168 pilgrim’s to Arafat, a suburb of Makkah.

The pilgrim’s are in quandary following the acute shortage of accommodation at Mina tenth “C”, the problems of the Pilgrims may not be unconnected to the poor arrangement by committee members.

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The members of the various committees include Sanitation committee, Information committee, Feeding committee and accommodation committee who are made up of mainly top politicians and cronies whom lacks the strength to coordinate the pilgrims who are less than pilgrims from Kano, Bauchi and Kaduna state.

Some pilgrims had to sleep in an open space, Other problems faced by pilgrims are lack of Identity card as some were stranded and embarrassed by Saudi authorities, Majority of the committee members including the chairman Information committee could not be reached as at press time.

Other challenges faced was the allocation of outdated vehicle to transport pilgrims from Makkah to Mina, which is less than 10km voyage, The nagging obstacle affecting this year’s Hajj operation was the composition of the members who traveled all way to seek for free treatment in Saudi Arabia, Only time shall tell.

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