Sen. I .D Gyang Reels Midterm Achievement ,Says Insecurity In Plateau Gave Me Sleepless Night

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Yakubu Busari

Two years  tenure of Senator Istisfanus  Dalyop Gyang has reeled out his total achievement  at the green chamber ,the mid term report of positive impact to the people of Plateau North senatorial district was overwhelmingly acknowledge



Briefing newsmen at the constituency office at Dogon Karfe Cataloged by

Musa Ibrahim Ashoms

Special Assistant

Media and Protocol to

Senator I. D. Gyang Esq. B

Plateau North Senatorial District.



Senator I. D. Gyang, Esq. was elected into the House of Representatives in the 8th Assembly and by 2019; he was elected as Senator, representing Plateau North Senatorial District comprising six local government areas of B/Ladi, Bassa, Jos East, Jos North, Jos South and Riyom.


As Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Gyang came in with legislative experience and ranked above those making their debut to the National Assembly.


Senator Gyang sought the mandate to represent the people guided by a manifesto which encapsulated his vision and program of action:

  • Security of the people.

  • Peace and reconciliation of the people.

  • Empowerment of the people



A midterm report of a parliamentarian will reflect a performance assessment based of the threefold core legislative mandate viz; law making, representation and oversight.

This midterm report will cover the focal legislative engagements and deliverables as follows.



The capacity of Senator Gyang in law making found expression through the Bills he sponsored. Ratings by independent assessors ranked the Senator at varying times among the first ten Senators with the highest number of Bills.


Senator Gyang has maintained the high ranking in law making he is known for right from the House of Representatives.



The visibility and voice of Senator Gyang on the floor of the Red Chamber has been conspicuous and very audible being seen and heard on topical national issues and those that have direct bearing to his constituency.


Senator Gyang has raised several Motions to draw attention to critical national issues including but not limited to the following:

  • The security challenges across the nation, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping resulting in unprecedented loss of lives and displacement of communities and the attendant humanitarian crisis and the plight of IDPs.

  • Plight of persons living with disabilities and other vulnerable persons.

  • Welfare and safety of citizens including the reconstruction and resettlement of communities displaced by violent attacks from their ancestral homes.

  • Infrastructure deficit including need for the reconstruction of inter-state Federal roads linking Akwanga-Jos, Jos-Jengre-Zaria, Jos-Bauchi.

  • Economy issues including the increasing Debt burden on the nation from sustained foreign loans and borrowing.

  • Governance issues that emphasize good governance, addressing lopsidedness, insensitivity and dominance to ensure fairness, equity and inclusiveness so as to promote national unity and command national loyalty.

  • Fiscal policies and Banking including implications on ban on Crypto currency by the CBN on the economy.

  • Presented the petitions of aggrieved citizens and communities including that of Zawan and Kuru communities of Jos South on the non payment of compensation for the land housing the Police Staff College, Jos and the Nigerian Defence Academy camp, Vom Junction.

His appearances are captured on YouTube and social media publications and can easily be accessed.



The process of law making in the Legislature is through Bills.

Already two of Senator Gyang’s Bills have received Presidential assent and are now Acts of the National Assembly. They are the National Fertilizer Production and Regulation Act and the Federal College of Laboratory Science Technology Jos establishment Act.

While in the House of Representatives, Senator Gyang processed and sponsored over 35 Bills. In the Senate at Mid Term, he has been rated at several times among the leading Senators in terms of Bills. Among his Bills are;


  1. Terrorism (Prevention and Prohibition) Bill, 2019.


  1. Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Area Courts Repeal and Re-Enactment Bill, 2019.


  1. A Bill for an Act to Establish the Regional Centre for Oral Health Research and Training Initiatives (RCOHTI) and for related matters, 2019.


  1. A Bill for an Act to alter the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) to provide for the amendment of Sections; 65 (2) (A), 131 (d), Section 106(c) and Section 177(d) There in, to provide for minimum qualification for election into the National and States Assembly, Office of the President and Governor, 2019.


  1. A Bill for an Act to alter the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) to provide for the amendment of Sections; 54 (1) and Section 96 (1) there in, to provide for quorum at the inaugural sitting of the National and States Assembly, 2019.


  1. A Bill for an Act to alter the First Schedule to Section 3 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) to reflect the proper name of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, 2019.


  1. A Bill for an Act to Alter the Provisions of Section 138 (d) and Section 139 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) therein, by deleting Section 138 (d) and adding a new Subsection(3) to Section 139 to reduce the exclusion of a Political Party logo on Ballot Paper to a Pre-Election Matter.


  1. A Bill for Act to Establish the University of Broadcasting and Film Studies, Jos and for related matters, 2019.


  1. A Bill for an Act to alter the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Cap. C23 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 to provide for the establishment of the Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and the Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal of the States; and for related matters.


  1. A Bill for an Act to Alter the Provisions of Sections; 64 (1) and 105 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) to provide for a time-line for the date of First Sitting of the National and State Assembly; and for other related matters.


  1. A Bill for an Act to Establish the University Broadcasting and Film studies, Jos, 2019.


12.A Bill for an Act to Alter the Provisions of Sections; 214 (4) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) to allow for expeditious action with respect to Security of Public Safety and Public order in States of the Federation and for other related matters.


13.A Bill for an Act to Establish the North Central Development Commission:  co- sponsored with Sen. Abba Moro.


From the Bills, Motions and Debates, Senator Gyang has not hidden his desire for the devolution of powers from the Exclusive Legislative List to the Concurrent Legislative List to empower states to better address the issues of security and development including the establishment  of State Police.

He stands for the passage of the Electoral Act with particular reference to inclusion of electronic voting and transfer of results and giving evidential value to the card reader as the credibility of the electoral process is key to free and fair elections.



The legislative vibrancy of Senator Gyang has found visible expression as a vocal voice in the Senate. Record of his appearances and contributions on the floor of the Senate has been far impressive than when he was in the Green Chamber.


The Senator’s YouTube site hosts his numerous legislative appearances and active participation in parliamentary debates all of which are readily available online.




The Representative mandate of a legislator also includes attracting government presence in terms of projects and programs to his constituency. This includes influencing main line projects in the Budget of MDAs, Zonal Intervention and Constituency Projects among others.


Plateau North has under the legislative representation of Senator Gyang witnessed and attracted appreciable projects and programs among which are:


  1. Education infrastructure

— Construction of 5Nos Blocks of 3Nos Classrooms


  1. Social infrastructure

—Construction of 2Nos Town Halls.


  1. Health infrastructure

—Construction of 1Nos Health Centre.


  1. Roads and Portable Water supply.

—Contruction of 1No Road

—Construction/Facilitation of 7Nos Solar Powered Boreholes


  1. Electrification and Solar power street lighting.

—–Rural Electrification with 2Nos Transformers.

—- Joint rural Electrification with PLSG at Heipang.


  1. Empowering women and youth through trading in skills acquisition and provision of starter packs.


  1. Agricultural promotion through provision of fertilizer.


  1. Rebuilding of ancestral homes and habitat of displaced communities.


  1. Human capital development and youth leadership development.


  1. Employment generation in MDAs and recruitment into the Police, Military and Para- Military agencies.


  1. Etc.






  1. Town Hall at Foron .
  2. 3Nos Classroom block at Kura Falls.

3.Town Hall         at Heipang.

  1. Clinic/Health Centre at Lobiring.
  2. Sanitary Water Project at Rawuru Fan.
  3. Rural Electrification jointly undertaken in conjunction with PLSG at Heipang.



  1. 3Nos Classroom block and Furnitures at Sambak.
  2. 80Nos Open and 10 Lock.Up Shops Rural Market at Ganawuri.



  1. Tarring of D. B. Zang Road Gyel.



  1. Sanitary Water Project Kalambai Facilitated.
  2. Rural Electrification at Binchin.
  3. Renovation and upgrading of 3Nos Classroom Block at ECWA Theological School, Zabolo.



  1. Solar Borehole at Fudawa.
  2. Solar Borehole at Ikukumung Tudun Wada.
  3. Solar Borehole Kabong.
  4. Solar Borehole Ibrahim Katsina.
  5. 3Nos Classroom block and Furnitures facilitated at Zinariya Hill, Angwan Rimi.
  6. 3Nos Classroom block and Furnitures facilitated at Hwol Nabor.



  1. Primary Health Centre through Budget Intervention at Maijuju Doss.
  2. Sanitary Water Project facilitated at Kampala.
  3. 3Nos Classroom Block and Furnitures at Kuwop Kufas Sabon Gari Fobur.



Senator Gyang is the Deputy Chairmen of the Senate Committee on Defence and a member of nine other committees including:

⁃             Interior

⁃             Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions.

⁃             Custom and Excise

⁃             Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs

⁃             Science and Technology

⁃             National Security and Intelligence

⁃             Environment

⁃             Transportation

⁃             Solid Minerals, Mines and Metallurgy.


These committees have afforded Senator Gyang opportunities to undertake close oversight of the applicable MDAs.

In the process, he has interfaced with the Executive arm of government and undertook project inspection nationwide to ensure that funds appropriated under respective annual budgets are judiciously applied and projects earmarked are implemented.




The idea of the tournament was embedded in Senator Gyang’s manifesto and peace vision for Plateau North as aptly captured by the branding of the tournament, “Peace, Unity and Reconciliation Football Tournament”.


The tournament was unprecedented as it had all the 73 electoral wards in the Senatorial District participating at the preliminary stage.

All the teams were kitted in Jerseys by the Senator.


The group stage of the tournament saw 24 teams playing in a league where the group of eight emerged from to play the quarterfinals. The semi finals saw four teams from which the finalist being Rafan Ward if B/Ladi and Jenta Ward of Jos North LGAs emerged.


The tournament attracted national and international attention as a Europe based football scout came to seek openings for the grassroots stars discovered during the tournament.

The participation of players and spectators made the tournament a household name while it lasted.


The tournament led to attainment of three goals :

  • provided a platform for the discovery of hidden football talent hidden in the grassroots.

  • was an avenue to promote peace and unity in the constituency

–  reorientation of the youth to productive engagement of their energy against harmful and destructive attitudes of drug abuse.




The dispensation of Senator Gyang has witnessed the opening and operation of a very elaborate constituency office designated as “The People’s Parliament” located at No.1 Ibrahim Alfa Road, Giring Abattoir, Jos.


The office has provided the people a place to interface and engage with the Senator and also as the administrative hub and secretariat for the Senator.


The office has been very engaging receiving and processing people issues for necessary attention and intervention where and when applicable within the available means.


The Senator engaged over 50 aides to assist in undertaking the mandate. This is unprecedented and was done in conjunction with the respective LGs to ensure fairness and constituency character.



Senator says often that diversity is not a liability rather, it is the mismanagement of diversity that generates and aggravates feelings of perceived exclusion and marginalization.


Senator Gyang made it a matter of policy and commitment to ensure that he gives a new approach to managing diversity by adopting equity and fairness in the allocation of projects.

The spread of his projects across the six LGs clearly validates this assertion.


Negative tendencies and inherent prejudice has not found embrace with Senator Gyang. He has in private and in public, by speech and by action proven to be committed to inclusivity in his representation and has been averse to anything to the contrary.



The credentials of Senator Gyang as a peace advocate, peace promoter and peace practitioner are evident. The pursuit of peace and reconciliation have been his priority. He has not hidden his passion for the promotion and building of peaceful and harmonious coexistence among the communities in Plateau North.


He went a step further to demonstrate practically by organizing and hosting the First Ever Plateau North Peace, Unity and Reconciliation Football Tournament that was a huge success. He has spoken and advocated for peace as a long acclaimed “Ambassador of Peace” for  which he has twice been christened.


He has also engaged directly with stakeholders and communities in his quest to see to the realization of peace and reconciliation.



Senator Gyang has identified with the people in times of pain and in times of joy.

At no time has he not spoken against the attacks, killings and displacement of host communities from their ancestral homes.


He has drawn attention to building collapse and flood disasters in Jos metropolis among other issues that led to the loss of lives and property of his constituents.


During the COVID-19 Lock down, the Senator made available paliatives to some constituents to alleviate the difficulty occassioned by the lock down.


He equally identified with the people at moments of joy especially during Christmas and Sallah celebrations through provision of rice and monetary items.


This is aside the numerous interventions in cases of individual needs and emergencies, groups, associations, professional bodies, churches, mosques, community development initiatives, etc.



Senator Gyang has at several times through motions and public media appearances and statements alerted the Senate and nation on the spade of killings and displacement of host communities from deadly attacks in his constituency.


He has made passionate appeals for the resettlement of the IDPs in his constituency through the 500 Housing Unit Program of the Federal government but the desired response has not yet been gotten.


The Senator has taken the initiative to facilitate and undertake the reconstruction of destroyed communities to resettle the IDPs in conjunction with the communities and Community Based Organisations at Miango in Bassa LGA, Gana Ropp and Lobiring in B/Ladi LGA. This is in addition to the mini-housing estate projects he initiated at Jol in Riyom LGA and Rawuru in B/Ladi LGA with the support of Development partners.



The midterm score card of Senator Gyang will not be complete without reference to his quest towards Youth development and empowerment.


The most visible effect of this drive has been in employment generation in main stream MDAs of the Federal government  and recruitment into the Police, Armed Forces and Para Military Agencies. The roll call as at date records over 60 gainful employment in CBN, NNPC, National Hospital, mainstream Ministries and Departments.


The Senator sponsored a vibrant youth of Plateau North to a Continental Youth Summit in Kigali, Rwanda in May, 2021 taking responsibility for his return flight ticket and other logistics.


The Football Tournament which the Senator hosted was all in the desire at developing youths of Plateau North and bringing out the hidden football skills and talents imbedded in them.


Training in Skill acquisition and distribution of Starter Packs, including Sewing Machines to youth in Leather Products and Shoe production witnessed 35Nos youths, male and female benefiting from the training.

There is the N-Power scheme in which 100 youths were allotted to each Senator and is commencing soon.



Senator Gyang has not hidden his aversion to poverty. He is passionate about empowering women with capacity to overcome poverty through productive economic activities.


When it comes to women, the Senator is known for his sayings that celebrates womanhood, i.e,

“To be a woman is not being less human” and

“Feminity is not Inferiority.”

He therefore has evolved ways and means of empowering women in the constituency for productive economic engagement among which are;


  1. Distribution of empowerment materials and Starter Packs such as Sewing Machines, Grinding Machines, etc to women from the six LGs of the constituency.


  1. Facilitated inclusion of 100 Women beneficiaries on the Federal govermment #20k per person empowerment in June 2021 under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.



The economic sector has not been neglected by Senator Gyang. Rather, he has through the instrumentality of representation, connected and attracted funding in form of loans to enterprising constituents upward of N30m under the CBN/NIRSAL loan schemes.


In the same vein, other interventions of government were facilitated by the Senator Household Food Rations, COVID-19 Support Fund.



The realisatiion by Senator Gyang that commerce and trading is one of the key platforms for the empowerment of the  people, he saw the need to put in place the necessary infrastructure in this regard.

The construction of two rural markets  of 90Nos shops each at Hoss and Ganawuri in Riyom LGA is a testament in this regard. Another rural market is coming up at Vwang in Jos South under the 2021 Budget.

These markets attract sellers and buyers of farm produce, services and  household goods thus boosting household earnings and impacting not only the rural economy but the internally generated revenue of the host local governments.



The capacity and capability of Senator Gyang to relate and build relationships with his colleagues in the National Assembly and across the nation has witnessed increased goodwill to his constituency and the state at large.


Internationally, Senator Gyang has used his office to attract visibility and attention from foreign Diplomat and Ambassadors. He hosted the Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria where issues of bilateral interest were canvassed and concessions extracted for Nigeria and Plateau State. He equally took advantage of the opening to attract Bulgarian investors in the Mining Industry to Plateau State.



Senator Gyang understands the enormity of the mandate of the blessed people of Plateau North and the expectations therein. His commitment is to God and the people and shall sustain a passion for service, engage with the people, promote harmony, build understanding, respect for the rights of all citizens and residents and respect for the customs and traditions of host communities.



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